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TEXT TOPIC: Brag about your spouse!

Spouse is amazing. Went to work found out job was discontinued. Busted hs butt found a new job and starts in a week. Helps so much with my special needs kid

Hubby started a new job in Aug. He is already training new employees. So proud of the progress he has made in his new job

Brag about my husband. He works so hard. Volunteers 4all OT. Never complains, got 4 raises in the last year love u Trent

every single day I work, my husband goes outside and starts my car a few minutes before I leave so it will be warm for me when I leave for work!

Even tho my beautiful wife works till 3 in the morning she still wakes up at 7 to make me breakfast before work

It's really hard to brag about my spouse.. but she has me so there's that... plus she did give me an amazing daughter!

I struggle with depression and my husband will make laugh to the point of tears even when I'm feeling down. Its my favorite thing about him.

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