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TEXT TOPIC: What is your weird or scandalous side hustle?

my boyfriend for side hustle does porn recruiting for porn companies on the east coast

I sell pictures of my feet. $50/pic, $75 if there is a special request like food, or specific shoes.

I am setting up my profile to sell used panties, I know girls that make 6 figures just doing that

I have been a professional cuddler on the side for 2 years. It pays $80 an hour!

rate ads on instagram for a side hustle. Super easy and gives me a couple extra hundred a month to tuck away

teach English to children in China early in the mornings. I make almost what I made as a full-time classroom teacher

help companies choose good christmas gifts for their christmas parties. Pays around $30 an hour.

Someone I know does onlyfans and makes up to 10k a month

started a people walking business. I get them out of their house and take them on a walk.

my holiday side hustle is pimping my body out to research studies for universities (Covid, pelvic floor, immobility) was not as much as feet

omg I almost forgot I also know a lady that is an escort and she's even been hired by Utah politicians lol. Her stories were hilarious

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