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TEXT TOPIC: What is weighing on your mind right now?

my daughter is suffering severe post Partum depression and anxiety. It is really scary & heartbreaking.

something weighing on my mind is my Bff of 19 years & I are fighting for the first time EVER, & I don't know how to fix it. It literally makes me nauseous

husband's been out of work since May and the holidays are coming up, we r blessed but still stressful & sad

Do I continue my miserable marriage or start my new relationship with my hot sexy boss

new job offer, annually I'll make 100k more but new job, New field, hopefully find out this week

Helping my teachers to feel successful when they have so many students that are out of school quarantined or just sick.

My marriage. Feeling like there is no hope but have no idea what to do/say or where to go. We don't even talk as much as roommates at this point.

The debt we have gotten in this year during covid. Credit cards are maxed and panicking how we are going to get it paid off and get ahead.

friendships. I have ppl in my life tha call me friend but don't talk to me unless it's at a party or party related. Hate fake friends

I'm part of getting a start up going. It's been delayed several times. Which is starting to impact the decision of having a second kid.

getting through my last 3 classes to get my BA! All while being a mom, wife, and Elementary Teacher!?

trying to get pregnant is always on my mind and I stress about it nonstop because it's taking so long.

Money is always weighing on my mind. I feel like I'm always going to struggle.

have to decide whether I want to take my ex to court. I also keep getting really sick and it's not Covid.

marriage is ending..don't know what do to? Hard to "start over" at my age:(

My nieces bio mom was found deceased under suspicious circumstances . The what if's and what happened are absolutely overwhelming

my dad passed in 2018 and my passed this past February. I'm 37 and can't believe I don't have parents anymore. So lonely

teenager just diagnosed with schizophrenia on top of debt and homeschooling kids

25 years old finding out I have to have a hysterectomy to treat my endometriosis is the only option

my dads health has copd might not make it through this winter. But also high risk and can't visit.

recently had to get put on some strong anxiety meds just to deal with my job day to day. Not sure how or if I should tell family and friends.

husband just got diagnosed with post concussion syndrome and may need to go on disability if he can't get back to work (10th concussion and he's 26)

I've failed to protect my kids & i feel their pain.Every avenue that i go to get them help is a disaster.If I'm not a good mom then I'm afraid I'm nothing.

I'm in my last class of my genealogy degree. Everything I've learned seems to have been thrown out the window. Less than a month to go until graduation!

fertility problems trying to get pregnant

covid and child custody court

Wife of 10 yrs cheated on me, so divorce. Kids mental status because of that. Wrecked truck. Tree crushed garage and more lol

having a second baby or not

new governors mandate cut husbands income in have closing bars at 10. No assistance.

own a small coffee shop. I worry about my employees and if I am able to keep paying them enough to survive.

Not sure if I want to buy a new house and pay more for a bigger mortgage for a better home. Our house is getting tight, been here for 6years.

was recently diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet and Fibromyalgia. I also have endometriosis. I'm 25.

have 3 rentals, one tenant and left w/o notice w 6mo left & one is 3mo behind in rent

I'm depressed where I'm at in my life. Single, struggling financially. Low paying job. I have no one to lean on. Completely on my own.

For the first time in 15 years I don't have health insurance. . . Too expensive

my 14 year old daughter developed pulmonary emboli (1 In each lung). Finances. My kids education. Stress!!!

quit my job to move for a job.. now i'm not moving out of state, the job didn't work out. and i'm jobless. a single mom of two..

possibly having to go back to distance learning ?? the worst!!!

i'm waiting on a job offer for a company that I will be able to start making six figures and will help my family get out of this hole that were in.

health problems and insurance won't pay

I've been moving stuff out of my house to a storage shed, getting ready to leave my husband of 20 years and he doesn't even notice. He's so selfish!

bf's raising an entitled, ungrateful, rude, spoiled and lazy son. Please pray for my sanity. Love you guys.

my ex an his psycho gf just suck lol Always lying Saying awful things to the kids Stop being vindictive and grow UP Behave like an adult. Love your children

less work bc covid and can't afford tuition at the U

I'm getting knee surgery next week and super stressed about the recovery I have a 5 month old. Just worried about taking care of her while I'm down.

its weighing on my mind that Supreme Court justices are saying marriage equality should be overturned, and how that would affect our pending adoption.

my newborn was just diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

My husband has cancer & he is really struggling right now. It weighs so heavy on me as his teammate.

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