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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you trying to get money from right now?

SPERM DONOR! Worthless leach owes me over 10k. (Never tried to see his daughter)

gave my friend a gaming system, with all the bells and whistles AND GAMES, in March, only asked 200$ never got a penny.

I'm trying to get back child support from my kid's dad for my son who just turned 18 $574.

painted a house for a lady last year in august we agreed on 3500 and she hasn't paid a dollar. Small claims court date is tomorrow!

trying to get money off you guys, but I can't win the $1000.00... Lol!

publishers clearing house, been playing their games, doing their searches, taking their survey. Time for them to pay me that $1000 a day they promised me

from my ex he's supposed to be paying half of all the kids medical bills. I've paid them and sent him the bill and still haven't received anything!

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