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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text for today?

SO glad you decided to put up your Xmas tree, decor & bake cookies for Santa w/ my 3yo FORTY DAYS before XMas so it's played out by the time we can decorate

To all the women my dad dated/3 marriages when I was a kid...when you left him you left me too. #workingthroughtheabandonmentissues

Governor Herbert shut down schools again. Cases are at an all time high. And teachers are sick and tired. And most of all burnt out.

to my husband: I know you're still using drugs while at work. Don't be surprised when I'm gone when you get home

you dense MFers have no idea how much the new HR guys for you behind the scenes

I realize 201 is jacked, but stay in your own lane Karen. Pick a lane. Stay out of mine.

if you want to be FWB there needs to be a benefit component to this relationship. Stop making excuses, s*** or get off the pot

No I won't join your zoom thanksgiving. My boss and co workers acknowledged the anniversary of my sons death and birthday but my family cant? Piss off

All my upper management, you can suck it

Dont bring your whole work crew in to eat when you see we are packed and then expect your food to be fast when there are multiple orders in front of you

We are all human. Stop dehumanizing people because of their politcial views. Let's just take care of each other.

elementary school sorry about contact tracing but not allowing kids to use the bathroom when they need to is bs

dating now sucks

Yes please try to shove as much stuff on your person and then try to run out the store. Nothing says I love you like stolen presents!

To a certain co worker you need to stop all the drama. Ok. Get a life and a new job. Cause I'm so done with you. Life doesn't hand things to you.

Lover, please stop snoring!! It's all I can do to not put a pillow over your face. I just need sleep!

hey sis in-law, stop the gossip! Stay in your own lane!

my body language and deliberate disdain doesn't communicate it? I said I DONT LIKE YOU HUBBY .. so STOP TOUCHING ME

Nate, your a terrible manager and those under you despise you! Stop spying on all the employees. Treat us like people instead of peons!

hey if you don't wanna be a dad cool but explain to your kid that your a pos and they did nothing wrong kids shouldn't hold the weight of your choices

hey mother in law quit pressuring me to get pregnant, it's not like I haven't been trying for a year

GO to work! I can't stay home whenever I want, why can you? You are in my way, ruining my routine. Go away!!

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