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TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

I'm leaving my emotionally/mentally abusive fianc after Christmas and he has no idea

so fwb told her girlfriends about the good d that she found. And now they are texting me to let them try it. I've slept with 2 off them. So far

me and the wife are in a polyamorous relationship and none of our family know

DLS I house broke my dogs by going into the back yard and peeing/pooping with them out there.

got engaged and no one but him and I know, we haven't told anyone yet.

My aunt had a baby at 15, my grandparents think I am the first grandson. They still don't know.

Since working from home, I figured out my neighbor is having an affair---Both her and her husband leave at the same time, and at lunch time she comes home with another dude around twice a week. She isn't smart about closing her blinds..

I fantasize about being with someone else that's not my boyfriend

Found my girl cousin on a porno...

for a year I was sleeping with my then wife and her sisters she cheated first #dirtylittlesecrets

spent $260 on 10 classes for swim lessons for our girls, my husband knows I'm taking them just doesn't know how much I'm spending

Falling for my ex's sister, I feel like she feels the same. Going to make the move

wife and I went to the adult store for the first time over the weekend. Hasn't been this good in years

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