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TEXT TOPIC: What is your vice?

Biggest vice is soda, and then working if I don't work I can't sleep unless I'm super tired.

Oh my hell, I am on my way to Costco now

My vice is that I bite and tear the skin around my fingernails. Any other sufferers of Dermatophagia

Vice - can't go to a movie without getting a large popcorn and large cherry coke...AND...don't even think about asking to share. It's just what I do.

Monster energy drinks during the day -- mtn dew with whipped cream vodka at night.

I hate to be that guy, but I am horribly addicted to sports.. (and you thought I was going to say sex, I am but that's beside the point)

Coupons!! Ugh they are my life.

Hatch's chocolate

My vice is spending money in CRAFT STORES!??????

My vice is my e-cigarette... If I don't get it I feel like I'm super dehydrated and super crabby. I've been trying to quit but it's hard

My phone. Feel sick if I don't have it lol

I can't live without my morning show! ZHT BABY!!!

Yarn is my vice. Not just yarn from Hobby lobby or Joanne. Expensive yarn with silk, linen, etc.

My Vice is my ex girlfriend. She's a manipulative liar,our relationship had toxic times but I can't let her go/vice versa. Bc I truly loved her.

My vise is crafting. Which leads to buying supplies - shopping.

Diet Coke

Pants vs zombies on my phone. Any Free time I'm on it

Fiiz soda. Nothing else compares

Chocolate but good chocolate like lindt and I know this sounds bad but intercourse

Diet Coke, everyday, all day!

Coffee. I can't go one day without it

Diet Coke- all the way.

My vice is shopping and eating. If I'm stressed and don't have the money to shop I eat.

Coffee - I love it so much. It's not even about the caffeine it's just the taste is so yummy that I prefer over anything else

Coffee and not losing items. ..

Mine is caffeine. I can never get enough. Especially soda shop Dr Pepper.

My vice is Dr Pepper. I literally drink 4-6 a day

Gotta have that Mary Jane.

My vice is movies, I go to the theater when I am stressed because it is my escape from real life.

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