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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good going on in your life!

something good? We all survived Friday the 13th in a year as whack as 2020!!! Whoa!

Went wedding dress shopping with my daughter is getting married in May she said yes to the dress

bout to close on our first home and just welcomed our 1st kid

I've been donating plasma abs finally made enough to buy my Christian LouBoutins! Ariana Grande was correct:,happiness is the same price as red bottoms

something good! I got a new washer and dryer! #adulting

3 out of 5 goats had their kids this weekend!!!

Good news i was diagnosed w/breast cancer Fri but the good part is its caught early and all appts are falling into place quickly always positive attitude

my parents celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary yesterday!!

paid off 2 trucks, our razer, a trailer and our Credit card on Friday! All we have left is our house and new car! Feels so good to almost be out of debt

I'm two weeks into my first IVF cycle and hoping for the best. I love hands on my husband is. He's amazing.

just about to close on a cash sale of our first home, and start the process of building a forever home for our family that will grow but one this June :)

sister in law surprised our whole family with a trip to Disney World in December!

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