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TEXT TOPIC: Funny Incorrect sayings your kid uses to describe something!

My son called the last moon phase a "finger nail moon"

when first married my hubby called chapstick lip-chap. Now I do it too when talking to him. Lol

I had to look it up beside I wrote them all down. He also used to call goosebumps, tickle dots and dimples, cheek nostrils.

my son also used to think amen at the end of prayer was "hey man"

Son called rootbeer "fruit beard"

My 3 y/o thinks naked is skinny so he caught his baby brother looking at his shirtless bod and yelled "mom! Baby is trying to see me skinny!"

my kids always hang their coats on the "hookers" instead of coat hooks

When my daughter was 4 she would call gatorade adergader or marshmallow mellow mellow

My 2.5 year old says scoopy side when she is saying excuse me or scoot to the side!

when kid was 3 he would walk around asking for Poc-a-wawa. Took a bit but he wanted to watch pocahontas. He would correct us if we said it right.

my daughter called a tarantula tri-Fanta-u-la

My daughter use to call chapstick or lip gloss. "Lick-up"

my son used to say Im drinky instead of Im thirsty

My son calls the back of the knee a leg armpit

my daughter had several. Mozzarella sticks were monster-Ella sticks

My daughter calls cottage cheese "bucket cheese". It comes in a bucket, not a cottage. Makes sense. Haha

My kids have a weird sense time, so "yesterday" is always "Last morning".

my nephew could not pronounce my name when he was young. It came out gaygoo. Not even close. Still go by this 25 years later.

my daughter used to call milk " cow juice"

my nephew can never remember the word cupcake, so he calls them sugar muffins.

my nephew used to say fire fuck for fire truck cutest thing ever but so inappropriate hahaha

My granddaughter used to call chapstick lapchick. And she would call my braces bracelets.

3 yr old says Kitties sounds like tittie's

my son called root beer black sprite or steak was black chicken

my 3.5 year old calls her private area her button as if another belly button. Calls flu shot the blue shot

my 3yo nephew calls salad with ranch dressing: leaves with syrup

my son is almost 9 and still calls chicken drum sticks, chicken on the dog bone

both of my girls at separate times called Chick-fil-A chicle Faye

My daughter says my wrinkles are wiggly cracks

My son used to call tomatoes "tornados"

my 4 year old calls bras boobie holders

instead of butterscotch. My son says buttersquatch

I'm 45 and can't say Sasquatch I say Squawsatch for the life of me can't get it

my son says banana teet instead of bon appetit.

my daughter called nipples "pimples". "Mommy, you have pimples on your boo-boos!"

my son calls zits juice dots, freckles face sprinkles, tights are ballerina pants

my kids are 6 and 4 and can't say binoculars so they call them "knockers" "Dad can we see your knockers?!"

When my son was little he use to call the sacrament "snack-and -mint"

I was suuuper pregnant and wearing wedge heels. I honestly don't know what happened. I fell backwards and heard my head hit the concrete.

When My son was about 4 he asked if I would get him some German Its from the store... took me a few to figure out that he meant Jr Mints!

My nephew used to talk about the flying f*ck. Took forever to really he was saying flying flag!

when my son was 3 he would say hoo-ha for pizza. No idea how he got that

also dirty clothes hamster (hamper)

my 5 year old plays among us and she calls the imposter the acoster

my daughter learned about the US presidents Dish Washington and Hammer Lincoln

my grandsons call McDonald's HAPPY Donalds

my daughter used to call Snow White and the seven dwarfs the seven dorks! happy Friday friends!!!! Alice

my kids say "last day" instead of "yesterday"

Our son wouldn't eat grilled cheese sandwiches because he thought we were saying "GIRL cheese sandwich"...and he's a BOY!

my nephew calls Chuck E. Cheese "game city"

at Subway a few weeks ago a little girl kept saying she wanted the white mustard (mayo). It was cute : )

7 year old thinks the flu shot is a food shot no matter how many times I've explained

my son thinks Lesbians are called Indonesia ??

my daughter called her iPad her ipatch ??

my once 4 yr old used to say paper toilet for toilet paper and now at 11yrs, she still calls it paper toilet. She says toilet paper sounds wrong!

my daughter calls ear muffs ear gloves

My 4 year old calls a napkin a "mackin". I love it so much that I purposely make him say it whenever I can and laugh every time.

my Littles can't say "batteries" so when they need them for the remote control they tell that they need "the power sticks"!!

My niece used to call me Tu Tio, which means your uncle because my brother would always say, "go say hi to your uncle"

3yo grandson calls a turkey a "chicken peacock"

He doesn't like "nerf quakes." They scare him.

My daughter used to say her dad- my ex, isn't "straight." She meant thin!!

my 2 year old had a mosquito bite and called it a "new Nickle." He calls nipples "Nickles"

My kid use to call pancakes "panty cakes" she LOVED panty cakes

my 4 year old calls fingernails, finger tails

my three year old had pigs in a blanket for the first time this week and calls them "dogs in a blanket" because he only know them as hot dogs, not pigs

my son was learning to pronounce word...Chicago was Chick A Go.

my son calls the space between your fingers, finger crotches and ankles "foot wrists"

when my daughter would try to say mosquito or spaghetti she would say Pah-squito and Pah-sghetti she's 7 now and still says it!! It's SO CUTE.

Grandsons favorite cookies were Chocolate chip Oatmeal. Instead of oatmeal he said "oi-pee-mole"

when I was younger I couldn't say my S so skunk stink was Kunk tink

My daughter says "plusing" when she wants to add something to the conversation.

My son also called buffaloes - buckaloes. He would sing buckalo soldier

my nephew calls a ball the b word on Spanish. The word is pelota and he says puta

my nephew Marty says "Sun Day" for daytime LOL ~DP

Step daughter called kiwi...hairy balls..loudly while at the store

my daughter at 5 will call the library a book berry

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