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TEXT TOPIC: Miss X's family is taking advantage of her?

You set the rules, they broke the rules. She needs to stick to her guns or get comfortable with them loving with her


report the drug use to DCFS so they can help you keep the kids or at least have extra eyes on the kids.

I would personally call CPS and ask if there is a way I can keep the kids and kick them out. Protecting those children is number 1

you have to kick them out. Things will just worse

If drugs are involved with Mrs X i think cops should be called to handle the whole situation

She could call DCFS and start a case with them. They can require the parents to get on a program to get clean and the kids wouldn't end up out in the cold.

Mrs X needs to stop lighting herself on fire to keep other people warm. Call cps for the kids, cops on the parents.

have a Sheriff deliver the eviction notice. They can enforce it and create the necessary paper trail

Call CPS if the kids are being neglected

my mother had to call cops to get 'always' drunk brother out of her home.

have someone take the kids and then call the cops so the kids aren't There for it

Involving the police is nothing personal, it's purely legal, and needs to be addressed as so.

Just because someone is your family does not give them the right to physically, verbally, emotionally, or financially abuse you.

had the same. Had to file/serve eviction notice. Sued for custody of 4 yr old and won. I now have peaceful home with a happy, healthy little.

change your lock

she has to involve law enforcement

When they all leave one day pack their Crap up and put it outside. My mom has done that to my sisters plenty of times

had to kick out my mother in law and she had no where to go but I had zero tolerance for drugs. She's thriving now DO IT

When you say yes to them, by allowing them to stay, you're saying no to yourself. You have to do something if you want change.

don't be like my father and die in that situation do something now

there are Family shelter. Your son can seek shelter for him and his family.

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