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TEXT TOPIC: What is a really cool toy you had when you were little?

I'm 31 and digipet was one of the major toys that stands out.

toy: 33 years old. We had one of those recorders from the movie Home Alone and loved that! Also the ORIGINAL gameboy!

I am 38 now and gee I think around 5 6 or 7 it was a teddy ruksbin and a Casey tape player that would tell you stories and talk to you

I'm 27 and the furby was probably my favorite toy as a kid!

I'm the text with the big wheel/water gun and I'm 37

I'm 40 and I had the all metal Tonka dump truck. Its still in my parent's shed.

Lawn darts, the metal kind. We loved it! Now outlawed, for obvious reasons, cousin threw it, went through my foot. I'm 54.

54 years old and lawn darts

im 41 and I remember the all metal transformers and G.I Joe's

I'm 34. Polly Pockets and Pogs

I remember getting the home alone talkboy from home alone and mine was pink. I'm 34.

The coolest toy I got was a Teddy Ruxpin from 1985. It had a cassette player that played books on tape that you followed along with. I'm 37

The toys I loved i looked it up were street sharks

furby's and tamagotchi's! I'm 25. Same as Kylie!

I am 50 My favorite toys were the Baby That A Way from 1974 And the 1950's CREEPY Clapping Monkey

Gigapets and Firbee was really popular when I was like 9 or 10

I'm 23 and when I was a kid brat dolls were the shiz! I had a ton of them but they were so expensive. Now you can get them for half the price

the Green Machine I was 13

loved my Skydancers! I'm 30, and I believe they came out in the late 90s. They were so much fun, but slightly dangerous.

Strawberry shortcake dolls had them all. Born 1975.

I'm a male 38 and I had all 4 of the ninja turtles. And the voltron set. My younger brother lost some of the voltron lions. I was pretty sad and upset.

I'm 34 but tomagachis were the rage when I was a kid in all it did was eat sleep poop and walk

cabbage patch dolls


I'm 40 and one of my favorites was the Skip-It.

30 years old. Tamagotchi pets were my favorite when I was young

toys- I always thought the Furbies were so cool. And now I think they're creepy!!

Tamagochi and polly pocket 27

I am 53 years old, my brother loved stretch Armstrong. So did I, until he broke ew

44 I have a furby in my closet. I loved tinker toys, my little pony and Lincoln logs

Popples and Whiz Kid.

Easy bake oven

I'm a 44 year only lady, in the 80's I had a 2-XL robot learning toy. I loved him! I could even play 8 tracks through him!

Don't forget the beanie babies! My sisters and I still have them. And I am 30 years old. #ImAKidForever

I'm 40 female and I had a Mr T doll.

Barbie heart family!

I'm 50 Cabbage patch Dolls, Original Sony Walkman and the Electronic Simon game.

Creepy crawlers

40 year old! Rainbow bright!!!! And remember the glow worm where the rail lights up??

Shrinky dinks

my buddy and kid sister I'm 37

I am 59 and I had some great toys one I remember was a Thumbalina doll

micro machines. I had hundreds.

and lite brites!

Stomper Trucks. 49yrs

Loved playing with Gumby. Might have spelled it wrong. Yes, I'm old! Lol!

Im 43 and loved Speak n Spell

My Twin Dolls! Furbies, Linkin Logs, Kerplunk game, Easy Bake. I'm 27 :P

had original Care Bears action figures along with a cloud car LOL

I'm 40. I loved pound puppies, my child and cabbage patch dolls.

Chrissy and Tressy dolls. I'm 57

41 & 43 Speak N Spell, stompers, view master, pogo ball, big wheels, garbage pail kids.

Im 43 favorite toy was he-man and the castle greyskull set, with battle cat

Doodlebear.....a stuffed animal I was able to draw on.

I'm 29. Bop it

I'm 35 loved my PJ sparkles!

I'm 33- American girl doll, treasure trolls, girl talk game

I'm 36 and I remember water babies

39 favorite toy in the late 80s was popples!

Moon Boots! Individual trampoline death traps! They were so fun!

Chinese jump rope, pogs and Lisa frank. I am 32

I'm 30 and I had a my size barbie, A Gameboy with the Sabrina the teenage witch game, and a skydancer FYI they brought those back this year.

razor pocket mod. Everyone wanted one because of Zoey101

Spirograph, greatest toy of all time! I'm 43

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