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TEXT TOPIC: Did you fall in front of people?

slipped on ice on the campus college in front of about 100 people. I wanted to die of embarrassment.

in the eighth grade I was running inside the school and it was pouring rain. I slipped and fell in the muddy grass in front of everyone.

fell in the restaurant when we went to dinner for prom, All eyes were on me.

fell up the stairs at a huge sporting event while we were all leaving. So embarrassing!

2011, in cosmetology school, was being a dork, doing little leaps by lockers. Landed wrong & severely sprained my ankle. It's never been the same.

was on a knee scooter in target and was going fast and pulled on both brakes and went head first over the handle bars. So embarrassed

At my cousin's outdoor wedding I got up during the ceremony to chase my toddler, my heel got stuck in the grass and I went DOWN

45th & State, I helped push a lifted truck across the intersection. Went to jog back to my car but I had jelly legs. Fell on my face in front of everyone.

ran on wet grass in flip-flops slipped right onto my butt in front of my crush in junior high!

work @ hospital. Fell going UP stairs in parking garage. Another nurse saw, "are u ok?! R u sure?!" yes lady plz leave me alone in my own embarrassment

9TH grade. Got off the bus slipped and fell on ice. The d bag kid behind me said Nice move as he went around me and walked away

Fell at the bowling lane slipped over the lane. if it wasn't bad enough I was pregnant and kept slipping and couldn't get up. So embarrassing with everyone

fell flat on my butt getting off the toy story ride in Disneyland. They shut down the whole ride while I got up and made sure I was okay.

pushing snow out of my truck, slipped dislocated my shoulder. Thankfully neighbor saw it and took me to the hospital.

on crutches at a movie theater, tried hopping up the stairs with one leg. Fell in front of everyone

tripped UP the stairs 3 days in a row in front of my high school crush

walking into a job interview fell going into the building. Others saw snickered at me. My pants were soaked for the interview

at a busy intersection a man with a prosthetic leg was crossing and his leg fell off- so sad but SO funny

stood up to pull up my pants on the Nemo submarine ride at Disneyland the seat flipped up and when I went to sit down I hit the floor

fell leaving clinic. Im a big gal. They called a code blue and emptied clinic to pick me.

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