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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

Listen to the instructions I am giving you stop telling me you know because honestly you don't if I have to tell you the same thing 5 times a day

wear your damn masks... I work in a hospital and we are so tired!!

This goes out to "you know who". You lost the election, put your big boy pants off and get over it and get over yourself! Move on!

stop going after everyone with the mask mandate! Just wear a mask! comments during press conference was ridiculous

it's easy to see what is important to you and it sure the hell isn't me, your husband.

Shut the damn state down for two weeks. Don't send an emergency text, freaking everybody out to announce something you won't enforce.

The big media conglomerates do not decide the election. All of the ballots weren't counted before the media jumped to conclusions. Riduculous.

Biden supporters, he actually hasn't won the election yet. The media called it, NOT the states. Calm yourself down!

We ALL know you aren't sick, millennials suck it up and find a work ethic... you are becoming expendable!!


stop complaining about how tired you are to a new mother. You're the dumbass who choose to stay up all night

Running a business out of my house doesn't exempt me from the mask mandate....WEAR YOUR DAMN MASKS!

don't ask to go shooting with me after I see your posts about how the 2nd amendment should be abolished

To my spouse. Your drinking has really become a problem. Its to the point of either you get sober or i leave.

My work only notified 2 people out of 20 that a coworker tested positive for covid and did no cleaning. Wtf

if you like the new vp or not this is a moment women have been fighting for stop living in the past thinking women can't lead people!!

hey Trumpers u were singing a different tune 4 years ago. Suck it up and take off ur flags u look like a dumbass

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