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TEXT TOPIC: What big thing are you second guessing yourself about?

I had a miscarriage a few months ago and I'm second guessing if I'm really ready to try for another one again.

I'm second guessing opening my business because I am not doing a good job running it and it is causing me to also second guess have a 3rd baby

I am 2nd guessing my relationship. He has a drinking problem but when he is sober he is amazing. Its so hard

Whether to stay at my job I've been at for 15 years

everyday since COVID - I question being a teacher

should I finish my BA!? It has been so hard!

Getting shoulder surgery next month

second guessing teaching this year. It is unsustainable and the load for teachers is heavy

second guessing my teaching and everything I do. I don't know if students are learning enough if I'm going to easy on them or if I'm too hard on them

second guessing, if I should wait for my soul mate to give us a chance so we can be happier ever after, or start dating.

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