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TEXT TOPIC: Who is addicted to drama?

The person addicted to drama is my boss. But because she's the principle no one can say or do anything about it. #WantToKeepMyJob

my ex-hus wife. She posts on social to get the reaction. It's gross. I try to be civil and not engage. It's embarrassing for our child we share custody of.

Ex-BFF exaggerates everything to the point where it turns into lies. She's not willing to do the work so I had to walk away for my own well being.

My sisters are addicted to it they post EVERYTHING that's going on in our family on social to get ppls attention and sympathy

Bro n Law announced trying 2 have baby. Sister in law sent a gift. He got mad sent it back. got angry when they had a baby and she didn't send it back.

that was just one example. I wish that was it but he loves drama. Been mad at me for 10 years over a 3 word text

Won't come to family reunions because the family chose the venue I found and not the one he did.

my MIL. She ALWAYS shares other peoples business. Lost job? Marital problems? Money problems? All of it. Hubby & I won't tell her any negative news.

I am SO addicted to HEARING everyone's drama. I love it. However, when it comes down to it, leave me out of it. I'm chill, don't kill my vibe!

my sister in law is a drama queen and nothing is her fault

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