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TEXT TOPIC: Are you dealing with lasting effects of Covid?

end of August/start of September i had COVID and lost my taste and smell... it's still not all the way back.

I had COVID two months ago. I'm still losing my hair. :(

my Husband got COVID in Prison. He just got out on an early release. His lungs are still wheezing from having it.--diagnosed with it October 3.

my taste is different, peanut butter cups are horrible :( my had it too and he said he has had a rotten smell in his nose ever since.

lost A LOT of hair after too. Took a good 5 to 6 months for it to ease up.

We had it in March. My husband has been on oxygen since March. Fatigue. Taste and smell. Digestive issues.

haven't stopped coughing since March

daughter had covid back in May.. still can't smell

Cousin got covid. Has been in hospital 90 days hopefully will be home just before Christmas. So many problems

had it in March and I'm always exhausted.

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