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TEXT TOPIC: What happened when you tried to be sexy and it back-fired?

Tried to be sexy while filling my bfs gas containers before going motor biking, spilt gas all over my boots. Later that day I caught them on fire

Thought my server was really cute, so I went to swirl my straw around with my tongue all sexually. Instead, I ended up jamming the straw up my nose instead

i was trying to dance sexy for my husband and went to flip my hair back and hurt my neck! Set in an instant headache! Down for the night!

My first time going down on my high school girlfriend I was chewing gum. She had hair down there. Guess what happened

First time with my husband (We are mormon so it was after marriage) when he climaxed he farted...multiple times.

was having intimate time with my hubby (then bf) and I threw my back out. At 21. I had to go to instacare for shots in my back.

my husband went to grab some lube and grabbed the icy hot instead. We still laugh about it today. One of the best laughs I've ever had!

Taking a sexy bath. Hair caught on fire from the candles

getting lubed up and realized it was biofreeze

bf used jalapeos in our dinner and then we went to have some bedroom dessert and he didn't was his hands good enough. I was burning for hours.

A friend's husband dressed as Tarzan. He jumped on bed 2 save Jane. Hit ceiling fan, knocked out cold, when ambulance came it was someone that they knew

1 anni Moab hiking room w jacuzzi tub. I brot candles and bubble bath. Romantic right? Made us sticky our skin stuck together like glue. Painful.

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