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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a sexual regret?

regret having sex with my 1st love, 25 years later! He was the worst I have had and a very selfish lover.

I'm a female. I regret not having sex with another girl, earlier facial hair and soffffffftttt body!! Helloooo, nurse!

regret not having sex with the my boyfriend of two years.

We were both 27. Dated a few months. He was a Virgin. I wish I had taken that V card from Him!

I regret not doing anything sexually with my ex from a long time ago. Had plenty of chances but never did anything. Big regret.

had an opportunity to peg my boyfriend (I'm a female) now he wont let me do it..... I'll have to ask again

35 female. I regret sleeping with so many ppl. I Had low self esteem and gave it up to men who didnt deserve me.

I wish I had not waited until I was 23 to lose my virginity, now I feel I like I've missed out of experiences :(

regret not hooking up with an ex lover when I went back home last summer. He passed away days later.

as a female i regret collecting so many V cards.

Sleeping with my best friend of 6 years

regret sleeping with my roommate multiple times he's married , he promised he wanted me and didn't want her. But stayed with her. I feel so stupid.

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