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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a moving company horror story?

call the cops. We moved from cali to UT and the moving company stole our record player and all of our original/vintage records! This was in 2000!

I actually work for a moving company and I coordinate moves that long is absolutely unnecessary! She should have moved with Bailey's moving in storage LOL

I'm a trucker, she can call the motor carrier department and file a complaint. They will investigate it asap--motor vehicle enforcement 801 297 2600

It's not a theft, she let them take her stuff. She needs to take them to civil court

Mrs X needs to also call the BBB and file a complaint, along with the police.

she will need the USDOT number and her paperwork to file the complaint with FMCSA.

tweet that shiz! Share it with all of us and get this company out in the open.

I'm an ex FMCSA investigator. Have her call 888-368-7238 not the local office. She needs to file it with the Household Goods Dept.

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