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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a weird side effect when you took medication?

I am Allergic to compazine, An anti-nausea med- It made my spinal column contract so tightly that my entire spinal column curled up. I was terrified----compazine...had complete facial spasms(mouth would lock open or closed) thought I was going to break my teeth from clenching.

I took one tramadol. Ended up with the hospital with neurological issues and withdrawals. I took ONE. It took two weeks for my brain to normalize

not me but my daughter had a bad reaction to amoxicillin when she was 9 months old. It gave her strep and scarlet fever

morphine during c section. Itched my face off.

husband had a heart attack and a month later I was having pain so I was taking tramadol and had a seizure

after my 2nd dose of amoxicillin I noticed all of the capillaries in my right arm had burst. Looked like gun powder sprayed up my inner arm.

had a bad reaction to ambien. It felt like my body became paralyzed temporarily and I hallucinated

lamotrigine & ventola focalin devolved "Steven Johnson syndrome" there's fewer than 20,000 cases here so it's super rare

it was morphine. Went to ER for kidney infection. On the drive home, I stopped breathing. My mom called 911 and I was taken back by ambulance

friends husband got antibiotics for sinus infection, put him into acute liver failure

Ten years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed, doctor gave me Lortab for the pain. I later had massive hives from head to toe. Never took it again.

Ibuprofen gives me wicked heartburn to the point I feel like I'm having a heart attack.

had a grand mal seizure after taking Wellbutrin

cousins 3 year old allergy to vaccine: he's now in his 20s and had still not spoken a word since before the vaccines

years ago, My mom had a flu shot and quickly got a 104 temperature. Doc said she's allergic to what's it in.

I was given oxy for a surgery I had, I broke out in hives and my throat started closing off. I have the same issue with amoxicillin

My throat swells shut with NyQuil

used to take cymbalta and for some reason my eyes dilated so much and I was very sensitive to light

was given Contrast Die for Thyroid exam. I had anaphylaxis shock and admitted to hospital

When I was about 8 years old my mom gave me Robitusin for a cold. My airway closed, I had to be taken to the hospital. Thanks for almost killing me mom!

just half a midol will make me throw up non stop for a full 24 hrs.

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