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TEXT TOPIC: Did you already put up your Christmas decor?

Christmas went up Nov 1. If 2020 can throw out the rule book, then so can I.

I usually wait until December 1st with covid I put my tree up Nov 2nd with lights only. The fam is fine because I didn't put up everything

I put up one of our trees with lights but nothing else until after Thanksgiving.

Neighbor across the street put up all their Christmas decorations yesterday. Lights and decor everywhere outside. I hate it. Too early!

my brother in law are already setting up for Christmas and they are setting up for a nightmare before Christmas theme this year!

took Halloween down on Nov 1st and immediately put up Christmas. My 18 yr old son begged me to. We all could use a little Christmas cheer right now

That's me already decorating Bring on the season

our lights went up the day after Halloween. Been on every night since!

I have Christmas up but only because I don't own fall decorations and if not I would end up having which is in my living room till December

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