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TEXT TOPIC: Something Good About Your Relationship

Something Good About Your Relationship

i'm in the best relationship i've ever been in. after being in a toxic relationship for two years i found someone that gives me everything i need and more.

celebrating 27 years on Thursday and still going strong

for our 11th anniversary we are going away for the first time ever... alone... So freaking excited! St. George here we come.

my husband and I are trying for baby number 3

my wife Denise and I are celebrating 11 years together on the 5th. You are beautiful inside and out. I love you

it's my 5th year anniversary on Wednesday and I couldn't be happier

5 years married, 8.5 years together, 4 kids. Billions of smiles out there and yours is still my favorite! Love you Max

it's mine and my fianc's 3 year anniversary on the 7th!! We just bought a house together and hoping to tie the knot in 2021. I love you so much Brian!

my wife and I got married when we were 19. Our 8 year anniversary is this month. She's my best friend I love her so much

it's our 6 yr anniversary today, and just did our first round of IVF last week. Will find out on Friday if it took!

something good about our relationship is that I am pretty sure that God made my hubby just for me

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