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TEXT TOPIC: Time to Brag About Yourself!

I just finished the 75 hard program, and i was able to loose almost 60 lbs. i feel so much better!

started a new diet/ healthier living style on Saturday and I'm down 4lbs already.

after my marriage fell apart i gave up on life, but after moving to Az and getting my life back together i now have considerable savings and just got my cdl

started my own business. Finally stopped being afraid of being my own boss!!!

I am so proud of myself, going to school at 39 is the hardest thing I have ever done but I will be graduating from nursing school in Dec. Hallelujah!!

was treated like crap at work, quit after 4 years , called me back offered me a job back with more money . Felt good now being treated better

proud of my self after I had stroke last year my ex left me with nothing when I was on the hospital I doing great and happy .

I only visit the liquor store once a month.... aaaand I'm a stay at home mama of 4 with kids in comp sports! Go me! #illdrinktothat

after months of job hunting in this crazy world situation, I was finally offered my dream job this morning. I'm so excited!!!

I was promoted 2 weeks ago with $1.50 raise.

On Sat I'll be 2 yrs self-harm clean. Every day is a struggle but I'm still pushing. Anyone out there

I'm 42 and running a 30MM dealership as General Manager. Getting courted all the time. I'll be able to right my ticket now.

Turned 27 this year and have been a business owner for over a year and thriving despite the COVID crazy

I'm 24, paid my 2018 car off, bought my first house, have two bachelor’s degrees, and work as the director of a non-profit. Also, a single mom!

I haven't been able to lose weight for years and I finally lost 15 lbs. in the past 2 months. I cried. Husband in the army. He will be shocked to see me now

I recently got told by a beautiful lady that I have good D. And to be proud of it. So thanks little guy.

I passed my boards exam for MRI and will now receive a pretty significant pay raise!!

I've started crystal wire wrapping and with my support system I've gotten so much better and have made quite a bit of money from it

brag about myself is my credit score went up 45 points because I have paid off my collections and been paying my credit cards on time.

Proud of myself for not giving up on my weight loss journey after my plateau, I'm back on track kicking ass! 14 pounds to go!! Rhonda

at the beginning of the year I bought a townhouse on my own. I have worked toward this goal for years & finally succeeded

after 10 months, my Husband finally comes home on Tuesday!!!

Ya know the part on The Lucky One when she says she's a "damn good mother"? That's me. I'm a damn good mom!

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