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TEXT TOPIC: Does your spouse get the shaft when your friends come over?

Omg! Stop comin at my Jess! Lol I'm sure if her hubs hated it he wouldn't do it!

We have our old king size in our guest bedroom so anyone who stays over is treated like royalty in a big comfy bed to themselves.

hes slept on the couch/air mattress before so I think he was just being weird

Everytime my wife has her friends over and stay super late I always offer to stay on the couch so they can have the room to themselves.

Having your husband sleep on the couch is so disrespectful. Your spouse should be number one. If it was that reverse how would you feel?

absolutely not! My kids on the other hand.... they get air mattresses or the couch.

has my first adult sleepover with my friends this year. We all slept on our massive couch. Hubby was the DD so he deserved the bed.

no we have a spare bedroom that people stay in when they come and visit.

my wife goes to a friend's every Tuesday for bachelor night. The 3 ladies get together, the husband gets sent out to the camper.

jess i don't see a problem with it one bit ??

I sleep with my girlfriend too. Went on vaca a couple wks ago and her and I slept in the bed, he was on the couch in the hotel.

I get the shaft when my wife's friends come to town...I go sleep downstairs and it's the best sleep of the year!!

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