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TEXT TOPIC: What movie scared you as a kid!?

Killer Clowns from Outer Space freaked me out as a kid...looks super cheesy now but I still won't watch it

to answer the question of what it could coast.. I got paid 100$

When I was six or seven my friends mom let us watch poltergeist. I'm terrified of it to this day. And I am the biggest chicken most people know. Lol

Thirteen Ghosts from 1960. It freaked me out so bad, I can't watch anything remotely suspenseful.

not a movie, but a show. Unsolved mysteries! My mom used to watch it religiously and it scared the bejesus out of me. Still won't watch it and I'm 35!

The Lost Boys, Kiefer Sutherland and that theme song scared me to death! Watched it for Corey Haim and Feldman. To this day the theme still gets me.

not a scary movie but wizard of Oz scared the crap out of me as a kid...

changeling with George c Scott. Dang wheelchair ghost

around 10yrs old I watched nightmare on Elm Street the 1980 version scared the crap outta me!

Snuck in to see the movie Magic about the possessed ventriloquist.

As a kid I saw Ernest scared stupid and it really scared me

It was one of those Disney Channel Original Movies called "Don't Look Under The Bed". My kids wanted to watch it on Disney+. That's a big NO from mom

fire in the sky!

when I was 12 my (very Mormon) grandma made me watch exorcist . She said it was so I could see what happens when you play with the Ouija board!

The movie that scared me the most when I was a kid was child's play

the blob! My parents let me watch it when I was little, and it still terrifies me!

I was 4 when i first seen childs play and it still scares me today and im 30 but i also claim that as my favorite movie after all these years

my dad let me watch Arachnophobia when I was little, still scares me today. Always check the shower for spiders

Signs! The alien scene where the alien walk by during the birthday party. Still gives me the creeps

My babysitter watched Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds when I was 3. I'm still terrified of birds to this day. I'm 57.

the movie that scared me and I want that young was Darkness falls about the evil tooth fairy! I was 17 when I watched it and it gave me nightmares lol

I love when the voices go deep ????

Poltergeist ! So scary I was like 5 or 6 years old . Honestly I think it's still kind of scary . I hate scary movies till this day #scarred4life

Watcher In The Woods. Produced by Disney. Creepy as hell, scary ASF!

My Grandma and Aunt took me to see E.T. in 1982 at 4 years old. I still cannot sleep with the closet door open because the alien was hidden there

When I was like 8 I snuck in on my parents watching Jurassic Park, of course right when the bloody goat hit the windshield. Freaking terrifying.

Hitchcock's Pit and the Pendulum ????

the movie Critters. Little spiky monsters that shoot out of the toilet and other places. Wouldn't use the restroom alone for days.


Watcher in the woods.

the movie leprechaun I peed the bed for a month after that years later my ex wife let my son watch it and he would wake up shaking and crying for weeks

scary movie I saw as a kid was pet cemetery and children of the corn.

ET disturbed me as a 4 year old and I refuse to watch it as a 34 year old man boy. I hate that alien with a passion.


I am legend terrifying as a child



my parents never had him babysit anymore and he was grounded for a year lol

Don't know why but never ending story terrified me when I was little. Still can't watch it

my brother use to tie me to a chair and put on IT when I was 6 cause he wanted to go to a party and it sucked never again I would watch it.

I saw all of the Saw movies and Texas chainsaw massacre in one day... terrified at 14

I'm 29 and I can't see the original goosebumps from the 90s

signs! When that alien walks across the alleyway, NOPE!!

Exorcist. I was 10. Still scares the crap out of me. You don't mess with that stuff

Watched Signs with my sister and her friends and my mom sent me to bed mid through the movie, I couldn't sleep! I slept with all the lights on

ET still at 34 years old I am still freaked of that little alien

the decent or the first paranormal activity

1990 and the big ones were mechanical spiders but all the normal size ones were real.

Halloween and those zombie movies dawn of the dead

Yes the spiders from arachnophobia are real. They're called banana spiders and they're found in the Gulf of Mexico.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Watcher in the Woods

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds at 8 or 9. Scared the crap outta me! I was terrified of birds until I was 24.

i saw the changling with George c.Scott. 7 years old

Silver Bullet. Still terrified, and I still always have a silver bullet in my house just in case I come across a werewolf.

Exorcist and Salem's Lot

I loved scary movies as a kid, but the only one that really freaked me out was Return to Oz- when Dorothy had to choose the items that were truly green.

Death Becomes Her. I was young and didn't understand what I was seeing. When the women left the church and fell to pieces at the end I had nightmares!

the movie THE SEVENTH SIGN has always scared me. Still does.

children of the corn and poltergeist...hate the name malachi and I am terrified of clowns


a movie that freaked me out as a kid was "Pan's Labyrinth" at around 10 cuz the creatures were scary

Nightmare on Elm Street

tooth fairy movie is darkness falls - it's scary

I watched the ring when I was eight it is still banned in my house now and I'm 26

the human centipede was literally the worst I was 7

1st time in theater saw poltergeist at 7 uhhh no ty wont do again

The movie Hellraiser

I saw all of the Saw movies and Texas chainsaw massacre in one day... terrified at 14

I'm 29 and I can't see the original goosebumps from the 90s

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