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TEXT TOPIC: Crazy Dreams from Listeners!

I dreamt that I was in prison female in a male prison during a prison riot. Prisoners were throwing dead bodies off the balcony and into shredders

Recurring dream that my older brother dies and leaves behind his kids.

I saw my bf eat his booger he didn't know I seen I haven't kissed him in weeks cuz I am so grossed out and idk how to tell him cuz it's been weeks now

I have a bizarre dream about cutting up my dead sister. It's weird!!!!

My aunt passed in 2013 i have a dream i'm talking to her and my parents pull up and she disappears down the street as i chase her. she's just gone.

Woke up in a bathtub full of blood. The Room covered in my blood both of my legs cut off at the knee got out and ran for my life on my leg stubs

Dream 17yr son was shot 3x cuz A Hunter thought he was a wolf cuz of his hair (chest arm and leg) he died horrifying dream

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