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TEXT TOPIC: Who's trying to get with your spouse?

my husbands ex wife posts how she is over him, and then the same day posts old love notes from him. He s happily married with a baby on the way, take your desperate attempts elsewhere. K thankssss

friend of mine went camping with her son and his wife and her husband so little family camping trip and her husband got caught with her son’s wife! Pretty messed up

My wife’s ex girlfriend is always asking my wife if she wants to get together. We are a same sex couple. The worst part is that my wife won’t delete her off social.

husband is a well know bartender and women are always after him.

my sil is secretly in love with my husband. She always sits next to him, randomly massages his shoulders with out being asked and only talks to him!

woman I worked with would bring other women to my cubicle to show them pictures of my husband and talk about how good looking he is and can''t believe he''s married to me.

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