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TEXT TOPIC: Did you have a surgery that went wrong?

had breast implants removed in July. Standard, they give you med to relax muscles. It paralyzed my breathing, was on a ventilator; found out I have pseudocholinesterase deficiency.

I have had 14 surgeries in less than 2 years and it started out as a simple laparoscopy. Now, because of one error; I no longer have a functioning bladder, have had to have 5 organs removed, including my uterus, and I''m on the donor list for a kidney. Oh, and I''m only 27 years young

had a hernia surgery, supposed to be in/out same day. I woke up in a room, not recovery, with tubes in me, oxygen. They had collapsed my lung. Dr,said nothing that happened was normal.

had a rutine surgery to get a portacath put in for cancer treatments. Ended up with staff infec frm the surgery. Worst part is the surgeon tried to deny it. I was hospitalized for over a week. $25k in med bills insur sued him.

Husband have gallbladder removed, totally routine procedure. The next morning he didn''t wake up and I had to call 911. He''s fully recovered now but that was way scary!

had a "routine " colonoscopy. The doctor cut something that he shouldn''t have. I got a fistula, worst pain in my life, for a year. Had to get surgery to fix the problem. I''ll never get another colonoscopy

had an Oophorectomy done in 2017. With 4 incisions in my abdomen including in my belly button. My belly button is now split into 2 and looks like I have a butt in my stomach I now feel self conscious about myself and during intimacy with my partner.

Plastic surgery doc Messed up my breast augmentation and after 2 corrective surgery''s to fix his screw up it''s still not fixed. I went for the follow up & he was trying to tell me that they looked great! Still need to go back and get the girls fixed

my mom has a surgery years back. And she kept going to her Dr. for an oozing belly button for years. She finally got another opinion and got opened up and come to find out she had cotton that had been left in her. She had gotten septic and had to do wound care. As far as a law suit it was after the statue of limitation.

went in to get a kidney stone removed I''ve had them since I was 14 and I went into septic shock the next day. I thought it would be no risk but I went through a lot in the hospital. I was dying for a week before things got better. I have ptsd now and my doctor became super rude after. Im getting the procedure again today.

went in for a hysterectomy the dr put a hole in my bladder, stitched it but failed to tell me. The stitches came open and it causes a vaginal fistula, (peed out of the wrong hole for 9 months) got it fixed $60k in bills abs my bladder is still not the same. It''s been 4 years.

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