Our Listener's Friend Passed Away While Giving Birth (Help If You Can)

Picture Credit: Diogo Souza

With extremely heavy hearts we share the tragic and unexpected passing of our loved friend Beatriz Souza, who did not survive the birth of her beautiful Julia, her third child. A loving, caring mom and wife. A dear and sweet friend, a strong and compassionate woman whose light brightened our lives and the lives of so many. Beatriz was just a delightful person and a wonderful friend. She saw the best in every person. She was discreet, sincere, loyal. Beatriz was sweet and strong, positive, and confident in the future. We just can’t even begin to fathom the loss of Beatriz and the heartache for Diogo, her dear husband, Gustavo (9), Lucca (5), and baby Julia. 26 weeks into her pregnancy, Beatriz was super healthy and happy. Just a couple of hours before going into early labor, she was sharing with her friends' little things such as her plans for baby Julia’s room and bigger dreams for her growing family. Little did any of us know, that even though she got to get baby Julia in her arms, that was her first and last time with her. That now Diogo, her loving and faithful companion of 10+ years would endure the unspeakable pain of this loss and of raising his three children - one of them who will be at the NICU for many weeks and even months. That these three little angels would not continue to be blessed by the irreplaceable presence of her beloved mommy. As we are still trying to come to terms with the agonizing loss of Beatriz, we are faced with a great desire to help and support Diogo and Beatriz’s family in every way we can. The financial burden is overwhelming. Funeral Costs, medical treatment for little Julia, Family counseling, daily expenses, and all of the other arrangements that will be necessary to carry on with life in such a challenging moment. We have decided to give our time and resources and also to create this fundraiser in an effort to assist the family with the difficult days ahead. We simply ask for all of you to help however you can and to spread the word and share and post if you're able. We will be forever indebted for all your efforts. We love and miss Beatriz. We will do everything we can to help her beloved ones. All funds raised will be given directly to the family.