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TEXT TOPIC: Who wronged you a long time ago and you want to vent?

I was playing scattagories when I was a kid and the letter was p and I put that I saw a pterodactyl. My friends all said I was spelling it wrong and I didn''t get the point because they said it started with a t. I''m still mad about it 20 years later.

had a falling out with my mother in law. I tried to be mature in our conversation and she completely flew off the handle. I don''t talk about it with my husband because he shouldn''t have to get in the middle but it still hurts and I just want him to validate my feelings and set her straight.

New boss came in and fired me and all my employees loyal to me. I was a former manager of the year, highest marks on all reviews. Fast forward 2-years. He was caught stealing from the company and using all the people he replaced me & my team with to do it.

When I was giving birth to my now 5 year old, I'm pushing, the nurse tells me "you're breathing really hard". Wish I had kicked her out

I could write a book on how many times my mom has wronged me, but the one that sticks out is the time she picked me up for a family event and when we showed up my brother who raped me was there. She said she knew I wouldn''t come if I knew he was there but doesn''t think I should have issues around him anymore

Back in 6th grade, our class happen to be talking about the Moon. My teacher, Mrs. P embarrassed me by asking the class who has seen the dark side of the moon. And every now and then when you look up on certain night you can see it right?? Well when I raised my hand and she called on me and I spoke with confidence that I have, she SHUT ME DOWN SO FAST and that it was impossible for me to see! I''m 24 now and it still bugs me to this day! SUCK IT MRS. P!!

My brother in law died a few years ago and his girlfriend at the time became very bitter towards his family after he died. She changes who my brother in law''s closest friend was even though she knew it was my husband. My husband doesn''t care because he knows the truth but it still bothers me all these years later.

My senior yr in high school, my mom submitted my sister's baby picture instead of mine to go next to my senior picture in the yearbook

my 1st job was small family, paid a male classmate $2 more a year after me. When I asked why the owner said he will be the head of a household some day

When I was 8 my dad left my mom and our family. He came back when I was 11 and I remember I got in trouble in school and I remember he was talking tome about it, he walked up to me and I wasn''t sure why, he punched me in my chest and I flew back into the dresser. He left again about 5 days later leftmy mom pregnant and haven''t seen him again since. I''m now 24.

I''m 32 and in 8th grade I was put into "in school suspension" cuz I didn''t have a collar on my uniform shirt and did not "opt out" of the uniform policy like all the other kids, the uniform policy was only for that year and was gone the next year

The morning that my dad passed away (he was terminal) my sister in law came to pick me up and take me to the airport. On the way to airport she said, "Well, at least you got to say goodbye to your dad. My husband didn''t even get to say goodbye to his brother when he passed away." I was speechless. What a beast for being passive aggressive when my dad had just died hours ago. I never got over that one!

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