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TEXT TOPIC: What would your T-Shirt say?

" Life is what you Bake of it!"

My shirt would say "Nervs of diarrhea".

I actually have a shirt that says "sarcasm. It's how I hug"

If my mouth doesn't say it my face will.

My t-shirt would say "Speaks in sarcasm"

not until I've had my coffee

I talk to myself because it's the only way to keep up an intelligent conversation.

"Will quote movies/TV shows constantly."

roses are read violets are blue I watch enough murder shows they wont find you.

I would take my t shirt message from Sebastian Maniscalco. It would read "Aren't you embarrassed? You bother me"

my shirt today says I'm feeling IDGAF-ish today (I don't give a F@#")

my t-shirt says "I'm not for everyone"

"What the F were you thinking!?" And when need I'd stick my chest out to whatever idiot I needed to.

I Yam what I yam

I have a tshirt that I wear on the last day of school that says "Parents, Tag You're It!" Lol.

I’m not with stupid. I am the stupid

My shirt says "I'm not anti-social, I'm selectively social.... there's a difference." And it could not fit my personality more perfectly.

"What day is it?" All of them run together now days.

the lovin's free. The dinner ain't!

Caution.... no filter. Proceed at own risk.

I'd rather be reading

It's a HARD NO so it's not a resentful YES. Or Music is my Love Language

my t-shirt would say does not play nice with others, or I hear voices and they don't like you. I have both of those shirts by the way. Z.

"I'm sorry what my face said while you are talking"

i get enough exercise pushing my luck!

I wish common sense was common

"Messy Bun and Gettin Stuff Done!"

anxiety: a conspiracy theory about myself from myself

my shirt would say "My Geek is contagious"

warning excessive GAS Highly explosive

my T-shirt would say you can't fix stupid

t shirt "WHY!"

T-shirt sayings --fake it till you make it. Obviously I'm not making it....

I may be small, but I will eff you up!

my shirt would say "Geek, Artist and Free Spirit" (I wasn't able to text this in the segment I was driving and just wanted to share)

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