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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT Text?

You asked a question. I honestly answered it. You were not happy with the answer and now you ignore me. Won''t even make eye contact. We work at the same place. Learn to be civil. Hope your day is as pleasant as you are!

P.A.T. - There's a list of things that need to be done before the shift ends, quit expecting me to do it all. Help out or quit! It's getting old.

hey cat guess what you don't need to meow at 3 am we know your fat ass is hungry that's why we left your food dish in the hall

gum is not a replacement for brushing your teeth. If you cant afford a tooth brush I'd be happy to buy you a pack of 5!!!

Why not fix the plumbing while remodeling the store. No, that''s just not practical. Would have been easier to do that instead of having it do no toilets are available to anyone while they are shopping. Oh and the constant smell of poop is gross!

WAKE UP Payson & Spanish fork driver''s stop pretending you didn''t see my bright yellow bus, and it''s yellow & red flashing lights & stop sign, ALL STOP SIGNS MEAN STOP!!!!!

you''re in back to back appts all day long and then gonna ask to bring your new puppy to work?! So unprofessional! And you can bet your bum I''m not picking up that poop but you better!

You told your teenage son to lose your number, as you were losing his. Now you need help understanding why he won't speak to you? Grow up.

You''re the one who asked if I wanted to do a bow business with you I said yes a week later I was going too fast for you so you said I should do it on my own come to find out you are now doing everything with your sister!! should have just told me up front I am now hundreds of dollars into this and during great by the way.

get a damn job! We paid for you to go through school and now you work at Wal-Mart because you are too chicken to get a real job.

dear Noah for the love of God. It''s over between us. Stop dragging my friends and coworkers into your petty drama. Get over the fact you messed up and grow up. #singleforever

in laws stop pretending you like me in front of my husband & as soon as he leaves for the army you cut me out. He's going to hear all about it... Good luck

sister in law just decided she was going to bring her family on my anniversary trip and then wonders why I can't stand her

My boss was talking about giving other people raises after I have been asking for the last 4 months..... thanks.

Quit favoring your daughter letting her have all the overtime she wants and lets her come in when ever she wants. You need to treat all your employees the same. Thanks.

2 make the kids walking to school safe, please use the school drop off as a drop off. u dont get out and hug your child, u don''t stop and wait 4 them2 get 2 the school. You let them out and y move on. Get your kids ready to get out fast. Cant u see ur holding up like 30 cars?!

hey men when you go out with a woman, tell her you had a night to remember and text her after saying how great it was then don''t ignore her texts the rest of the weekend. Be honest damn it!

Ok 62 yr old roommate! How come you don't think your body stinks? You haven't showered in months! Baby wipes don't work. Take a real shower!

look people the speed limit is 70 that isn't a suggestion if you can't do more than 45 stay off the freeway

I'm here working on our marriage the best I can. You keep pushing me away, if you want to be done own it and say so.

I don't need your help with my work when you are still in training and your "help" causes me to fall further behind because I have to fix it

babe if you walk through the door with your attitude walk back out. We''re excited to see you but don''t need to be yelled at for something stupid when we say hello. Check that attitude at the door!!!!

Stop tipping people $2 to deliver your food to you. You should be grateful for someone picking up your food and dropping it off. How much lazier can our race get and you tip 10% or less!! Really and you live in a million dollar home! Ugh. .

dear neighbors above and below me, you called the cops on me because you think we are so noisy at 12 am. Joke was on you, my kids were in bed and I was watching a movie. Haha Jokes on you.

I know I'm overly sensitive, I'm working on it. But I'm dealing with stuff that you have no clue or understanding of.

Hey new girlfriend of my ex husband. I hate to break it to you, home girl, but you aren''t special. That man goes through women like underwear. My calculations say you''ve got another 2 months, tops. Have a nice day!

You think that gay marriage is an "abomination" but the real abomination is the fact that you bring random guys over and sleep with them and then wonder why they never call

For the love, STOP DRIVING IN THE MIDDLE LANE. It''s for entering and exiting busy roads. I can''t get out of l traffic if you''re DRIVINGALONG SIDE ME

passive aggressive 2 myself stop going for men who don''t give you the time of day when you have a man begging for your attention! I need to keep telling myself this

The sign on the door clearly says "please wait and I will be right with you". So don''t come rushing in and then get mad at me when I politely ask you to step out and wait for me to bring you your order. We are still in a pandemic people!

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