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TEXT TOPIC: What happened to your kid and you didn't tell your spouse?

in high school I was in an abusive relationship, the guy blackmailed me and have me herpes. My mom and I handled it in secret, she’s never told my dad or anyone else in the family, we have never talked about it since it happened.

my ex didn''t tell me he took my daughter to meet his druggie sister and that they got into a fight with her there. Years later his grandma told me I was livid!

My parents are divorced. My dad didn''t find out 3 of my brothers sexually abused me for years until the state pressed charges and mandated therapy for the whole family, my mom never told him herself

at circus circus in Vegas and my brother got mad at our mom and just walked away when she wasn t looking. He was probably 8 or 9 and it took over an hour for security guards to find him. My mom never told our dad

my mom didn't tell my dad she was taking me to get my ears pierced when I was 9. Before they divorced, the rule for ear piercings was age 18.

When I was really little I went with my dad and his family to Disneyland. I slipped away and spent hours in Disneyland by myself, and this was a while ago so they just let me ride rides. They found me on a ride. My mom didn''t find out until I was a teenager

didn't tell my hubby that my 7 yo dropped the F bomb. I would have been in as much trouble as him. He got an earful from me tho. Little effer!

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