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TEXT TOPIC: What are you ignoring?

I'm ignoring my brother I'm 32 and he's 43 he's in jail for drug charges and he blows up my phone. Thanks to my mom for giving out my number

my math class lol

fully ignorin a traffic ticket

I am ignoring my cousin who''s upset I posted one fact check article from the VP debate. It''s the only political thing I''ve posted. She posts tons of church related political articles but I''m the bad one

I've been ignoring my health. I'm overweight, but it's embarrassing to go to the doctor. I know there are underlying issues, but I always have an excuse.

I'm ignoring that I have to move by the 1st of next year. Need to start packing and looking for a new place time is running out.

I'm ignoring my probable cavity and going to the dentist

I'm ignoring the fact that I have a bad spending habit on running and costumes

ignoring how bad our financial situation is. I just keep putting off strapping down to really fix it.

ignoring that for 10 years my husband has treated me like crap when it comes to money, and when I have even a penny it''s gone and he takes it from mewith out asking and the turns around and makes me the bad guy because I say something.

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