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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Monday! What is your something good?

hubby is already down 15 lbs after just 3 weeks on the keto diet! I'm so proud of you Curtis

After not having a secure job for 2 1/2 months, I start working at my full time job tomorrow. It is such a relief to know I''ll have a fixed income during the craziness that is 2020

We just found out we are expecting our rainbow baby!

we just had our second grand baby. Grandkids are the best!!

my husband had a good payoff with stocks (that I secret hate that he does) and we were able to pay off a credit card. Woo woo!

after a toxic relationship and taking the time i needed to get my life back on track, i found my soulmate and i'm so in love!!!

my brother successfully proposed to his GF on Saturday. Boy was it harder than I thought to get 15 people to open their jackets at the same time.

even though something’s I had lined up wasn''t able to happen I still was able to give my wife an awesome anniversary considering Covid has put us in a tight spot

this week is fall break, and this teacher needs it! 2 days of school and then 5 days off! Yahoo!

headed to Park city this weekend for a girls trip! Keeping it low-key due to Covid, but so so excited!!

Got promoted at work into a leadership position. Comes with a $1.50 raise! Woot woot!

Hubby is with his dad hunting his once in a life time buffalo. FIL has my MIL''s(whom has passed) 17 year old dachshund. She walked away from camp and was lost for 21 hours, overnight in the cold with a bad back and hips. Good news....they found her alive and several miles from camp! She is going to be okay!

I sent a text a couple weeks back about getting a conditional job offer as a 911 dispatcher, well I got a final job offer and my first day is next week!

finally got my 3D printed parts so I can now shoe and hopefully sell my invention

My mom hasn''t spent any birthdays or holidays for the past 5 years as she was doing treatments and for once in a full year she finally got to spend with us and made all of our family happy as she battles lupus and finally doing better to do more activities and spend more times with us

My good news is I''m going on a date today. And this date #2. He''s a really nice guy and I''m hoping this all goes well.

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