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TEXT TOPIC: What is on your radar? Book? Music? Food? Movie?

Jessie Reyez! Her song Coffin with Eminem is so good and so is the album it's on! Give it a listen

A product called slumberkins. Its for social and emotional development for children. Books and they have little animals to go with them. SO cute and SO soft. As a teacher, im all about the learning aspect of these

The social dilemma on Netflix. Everyone needs to watch it. It's disturbing, eye-opening, terrifying, and will make you want to throw your phone off a cliff

Tuttles Art's shop on Etsy

MCT OIL. I started using it and it has changed my mindset, my energy is amazing, I am happier, I have more clarity, it is just amazing. I put the MCT oil in my morning coffee and I literally have a great day. I found mine at Walmart, but they sell all different types on Amazon too.

my instagram page! I feel weird sharing this but I made an insta called Life''s a Melon where I share money saving tips on home decor, post about deals on things like tanning, botox, shoe sales going on etc.

Heather McDonalds podcast called Juicy Scoop and her standup special!! So funny

True Love Skincare! 100% natural ingredients! My 6 yr old daughter had warts just above her eyebrows & the scrip she was prescribed could have caused blindness if it got in her eye! My friend got me to try True Love''s wart paste - completely wart free after 6 weeks!

75 Hard program. It''s a mental strength program. It''s helped with my depression, my eating habits, and fitness. I''m also learning so much from the books I''m reading.

love the J Brooks Jewelers Instagram! They are so fun and always have amazing diamonds to look at!

Vito's Resturturant in bountiful on Main Street , he does Philly sandwiches some of the best I have had.

Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey!! SO good Frankie!!

deviled avocados at Zest Restaurant.

thai delight in West Jordan is the BEST! Amazing food, people, and it's local

I am loving a Utah local instagrammer who talks about eating disorder recovery and self love. I just went to a retreat she did in fish haven. @Happy_Hanne

struggled finding a mask that fits my 5 year old. Found the perfect masks at Home depot. Not a bad price either 2 for $12.97 Never falls off his face during class.

Tash Sultana is an amazing up and coming musician. You can't listen to her and not be in a great mood.

littleloveleighs on Etsy, CUTEST bows and bow ties

an artist I found on tik tok Andrew Jannakos! Love his song gone to soon

used rogue fitness equipment has been on my radar since covid

yoga and meditating. I get very much into it, turn down the lights put on native American Flute music close my eyes and drift away into another realm

Any podcast hosted by Ashley Flowers! Crime junkie, supernatural, full body chills, very presidential and more. She's so captivating and fun to listen to

The song Control by Zoe Wees! It is SO dang good!

podcast by Brene Brown called Unlocking Us. Opened my eyes to the intricacies of our emotions. Definitely listen to the 2 part on How to Apologize. Life changing.

been using TAO clean facial brush has a uv sterilizer also Tommy Timmy is a wart and skin tag remover got rid of all the warts on my hand! Both life changing lol

I love They have the magnetic clasps converters that let you take on and off your necklaces very easy without having to try to mess with a tiny clasp. They also have real gemstone jewelry, real gold and real diamond jewelry that is very affordable. I am addicted to that website.

sexy shrimp appetizer at soys

@bakingwithblondie on IG has the most amazing cakes! I just love looking at them!

found the best NA beer at Harmon's. It's craft NA beer brewed By Wellbeing brewing. Tastes like legit craft beer. Makes sober October possible.

Ashley Black's Fascia Blaster gets rid of cellulite!!

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