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TEXT TOPIC: What do you keep doing over and over?

every day, my coffee table is way too close to the couch and whenever I swing my feet up onto the couch I kick the underside of the coffee table. Every time.

I split up with my gf/wife for talking to other women''s couple months ago. We have 2 kids together and I love my family and want to be a family but I can''t stop messaging other women! I''ve wrote down a list of how I''d be better for her and how I''d change but I still keep doing it! Why? HELP! I DONT GET IT

Something I kept going back over and over and never learned was getting back with my ex and vice versa even though we never really changed and we were both toxic for each other 10 years later in married happy and have my own family

I'm a short gal, which means all chairs, counters, doorknobs are the same height as my elbows. ALWAYS smacking them. Cannot help it!

I am always over committing I just have so much I want to do in my life that I think I can do it all but I always run out of time it has hurt people and made people mad I still really think I am able to do it all

wish I'd learn to stop hitting snooze!! I can snooze every 9 mins and be 2 hrs late. I hate it so much!

always end up washing pens or chapstick with my clothes, my wife gets so upset everytime and I always promise to check my pockets and I always forget

date men who drink and cheat on me and always forgive them just so they could do it again

have three soccer teams, I''m 49 and in decent shape, but nothing close to the 15 and 18 year olds...and I think I can mix it up with them. I''m literally icing my knees from yesterday''s training. I just need to stop, but keep forgetting.

left my shoes out again and the dog got them. It''s happened 3times! >& &@ 3 pairs of chewed shoes!

I am really good at spreading myself to thin and stressing myself out. You think I would learn but I haven't yet.

keep giving people chances that don't deserve it and getting hurt WHY?!

I get burned everytime I am kind to my in laws and go over there for family functions while my husband is in basic training. Every. Time

keep getting burned by going back to my ex. His good looks and charm pull me back in every time. He tells me he''s clean and has his drug and alcohol addiction under control and I paid the price for it this last time when he got drunk and it escalated to me getting the crap beaten out of me for two days straight and then when and shot up with heroine. So sad after 10 years of marriage and two kids together. Lessons learned.

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