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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone accidently see a photo or video of you naked?

my younger brother sent a full nude photo to our mom. We never talked about it but my mom was horrified. Just replied that he had the wrong number.

sent my husband a naughty photo while he was working. Well... he has his phone set so pictures and texts show up on the home screen with the pic and what the text said. He happened to be in a work meeting with all his colleagues and was showing them something in his email when my nude explicit shot popped up

husband was stationed in Korea and I sent a pic to my husband but I actually sent it to my brother, I turned off my phone before it sent, to this day I don''t know if he saw it.

My cousin send himself, freshly shaved and pink, at full attention, to his MOM!

back in college my roommate had the same style phone as me. One of them got a text, she opened it thinking it was hers to find a pic of my bf''s

Showing my mom a picture of a jacket that my boyfriend had because she wanted to get it for her husband. She decided swipe left, I guess to see if there was another picture and she got a big eye full of my boyfriends abs and penis. Luckily we broke up because she couldn''t look him in the eye after that!

my friends and I became ultimately aggies in Logan (rode the bull naked) and my mom found the photos on my camera and shrieked in horror!

When Snapchat was just becoming a thing and we where just learning how to use it. My friend posted a picture of her vegina on her story. I had to call her to tell her everyone could see it!!! Worst thing was that it took her a while to be able to take it down because she was just learning how to use it and was too nervous and going crazy.

had a couple texts going, I sent a nude of my self to my girlfriend or so I thought, but was sent to my grandma. I told her that I sent it to my doctor to recheck on a "condition" I had. She believed it. I still got some from my gf ;)

bought a new swimsuit and sent a pic to my cousin. She replied and said "look at the pic you sent me" my husband was naked in the background

My brother in law had walked in to talk to me while I was sending my husband a topless pic. I was distracted since I was talking to the brother and sent it to him instead of my husband

My step-sister who was 14 sent a downstairs nude to our entire family group chat.

was messaging my SIL about an issue with our kiddos that happened while they were at the grandparents. SIL had taken screenshots of our messages &was showing them to my mom. My mom swiped the wrong way to get to the next screenshot & got to see an up close d-pic of her step son!!

my then boyfriend (now husband) snatched a picture of me in just my panties when we were dating and sent it to his mom (MIL) by acciden on Snapchat. We are Mormon and aren''t allowed to see each other naked before marriage hahahah it was mortifying

gf and I recorded us being intimate. She thought she saved it in a private folder on fb.nope. And I wasn't out of the closet yet.

my brother in law was looking over my shoulder at the at dinner while my wife his sister sent me a great pic

was at the hospital with my mom because my grandma was dying. I had my old Ipad and we We were looking at pictures to pass the time and my mom swiped to a naked Pic of my hubby

showing gma pics of Vaca in Jamaica I forgot bout video till I heard it playing friends junk out.. she says oh my! I knew instantly what she saw haha

My wife and I were sexting while I was training with the Marines. Next day I was showing the platoon some pics I took of our objective and swipt right to my peacock full Salut lol

My bf trying to b cute put a bunch of his bitmojis all around a topless pic of me, meant to send it to me on SC. Sent it to me, my bro, & my sis.

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