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TEXT TOPIC: Are you not satisfied in the bedroom?

Although he doesn''t say it, I don''t think my husband is satisfied in the bedroom. I''ve gained a lot of weight over the years so I''m not as .. flexible these days

I'm a wild woman it's hard to please me in bed I haven't found anyone yet that does and I'm 32

I want more!!!! He is always tired.. love him so much.... just want him as horny as me

been married 30+ years my husband is the worst in bed. I knew from the honeymoon! Sexless marriage:(

my bf has never gotten me to the mountain top he is very selfish in bed I have hinted like hey maybe let''s do this or use this and he is like no I think we are good so after everytime he says did you get off and I use to lie and now, I don''t I say nope

been with him For 7 yrs and only He has performed oral 3 times even though I have asked many

My husband likes the toys. I'll play, but I prefer the real thing.

my husband would never satisfy me. I would often fake. And I was against Oral. He convinced me to let him do oral and that changed everything. I don''t fake it any more. We''re of using toys.

so I was unsatisfied in the bedroom. I bought a book for my husband and left it at his bedside with a note as a honey do while I worked over the weekend. Foreplay right??--it opened conversation and helped a lot

my wife and I have that troubles for quite a while. Very few and far between and even when we would she doesn''t really do anything the word dead fish comes to mind. Try to talk about it and she told me that I had a sex addiction and that I had a problem. So now we haven''t done it in 11 months

I am the one that doesn''t please my husband. I dont want it, I could live without it, its not my love language. So....maybe he is bad in bed and doesn''t please me. I know he wants it more

It's me. My desire went WAY down after kids and meds. I want to want it more, but I'm just not interested. My poor hubby.

been married 15+ years and husband wants it all the time but every time we do he is gone after 2 pumps. Just not interested much cause I know the outcome.

10 years of intimate, explorative, MIND BLOWING sex with my man who cares about nothing more than pleasing s mutual. When you expect one person to fulfill ALL of your needs, COMMUNICATION is key!

my boyfriend always accuses me of being the prude and insists on me putting the moves first but for some reason I have it in my mind that the guy should be the one to start or make the move. Little does he know if he put forth the effort that I want can you find out I''m a bit of a freak also LOL he''sjust got to be the one to initiate often times because he doesn''t We go without having sex because I''m stubborn

divorced women and women with kids make great lovers. They've been so deprived. They make great bed/anywhere partners.

I have been with my boyfriend for 8 1/2 years and there is absolutely no foreplay unless he has some alcohol. And most of the time he is please and Inever get to finish. If he would finish me after it would be better. I have to finish myself off.

when we were dating it was great, we''re now one month into marriage and I didn''t even get any on our night, I''ve tried to seduce him and I get rejected all the time and when I get him tired of me insisting he doesn''t even try i was hoping things will change but after hearing other text I wonder

I NEVER comment. But most women are misdiagnosed with post pardum & they are actually very low on testosterone! I had ZERO T when I got it tested! ZERO! Getting it has literally changed my life, with energy, weight loss & sex has never been better!

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