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TEXT TOPIC: Are you married but separated?

my bro in law and his wife are living separately. Looking from the outside in, they have not been this happily married in a long time. Still do stuff as a family, still sexually active together. Just live in separate apartments

been separate since June 2019. Not legal, just an agreement. He wants a divorce and I'm just waiting for that to happen at this point

my husband and I were legally separated for a year. No seeing other people. Had to attend counseling. Custody agreement for the kids. Hubby paid child support. He ended up cheating and didn''t tell me until a few weeks ago after we moved back in together.

when I was thinking bout getting divorced we took time apart we both decided that we could do whatever we want and in that time I realized how much I hated him found out he was a drug addict I got everything I needed and took my kids and ran

as a single woman, I don't date anyone that is "separated ". I don't trust it and feel they are noncommittal

I have been divorced from my ex-wife for five years now. And she cannot let go of my side of the family. Always trying to be at activities birthdaysand family events. Making it very difficult for my now wife and family. She knows no boundaries...

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