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TEXT TOPIC: Do you want to talk about the ONE that got away?

A girl I''ve known since first grade...sigh...our lives have intersected throughout my 49 yr old life and we both light up whenever we run into each other. She has been in CA since Jr High, but I run into her more than people here in town, random places. We both have admitted that we''re the one that got away.

my 1 that got away is getting married this October. We were dating 3 yrs ago he met her and I said ok bye I regret not fighting for him. He is one of my best friends and now I have to let him go.

the one that got away. I dated a girl off and on for 7 years in Spanish fork. I was divorced when I met her but I will still always consider her my first love. I miss that angel every damn day.

I thought my 1st love got away 25 years later I had an affair with him The worst mistake The grass is not greener It's your past for a reason

I'm the 1 who got away. My ex broke up w me, married my doppelganger & not regrets it. He still messages me weekly. It's been 5 yrs now.

The one who got away is a great person. I never gave it a real chance. RH, if you're listening, I'm sorry.

The one that got away, currently lives in Vancouver, BC. The Navy is how we met... The Navy was the reason we''re not together now. Bummer.

the girl that got away she was my friends friend and we had started hanging out a lot we messed around a few time she got to meet my daughter and they got along great she was super caring and did everything for me the reason why we did not stay together was all my fault I had a lot of girls around me and didn''t want to be tied down I regret it all the time I miss her her name was Callie

I was the one that got away. My now boyfriend and I met in 5thgrade and he was in love with me always. I moved away in 6th grade. We had a ton of fun ins over the years and we''re always giddy with each other. 2 1/2 years ago, he fessed up and we''ve been together ever since

my high school boyfriend got away, it was my fault at the time. He passed away a few years later & I think about it often

the one that got away lives in California I miss her she was loving caring and it's all my fault because I wasn't ready to settle down.

the one who got away was the nice guy, I pushed him away for all the scum bags when I realized what I had it was to late. I regret it everyday 13 years later. I miss him

I grew up with a boy since 1st grade we knew we liked each other and didn''t do anything. He reached out and professed his love the night before his wedding I told him if this was true then let''s be together. And he told me he loved me, but continued to marry his now wife. I wish him the best, I''m currently married just not to him. It worked out for the best though, I love my husband

my white Buffalo. Met in highschool went on a few dates never hooked up - timing was bad- ran into each other a year ago and both our hearts stopped when we locked eyes but I am married he was single. Never worked out

My high school sweetheart! He was so sweet to me and I was a B. 15 years later we''re still friends and every time we''re together that chemistry is on fire! We have different lifestyles now, and neither would be happy together

i got away. my ex fianc was cheating and lying so much. i left. he's now engaged again but begs for me back daily. sorry bud. no

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