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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a big age gap in your relationship?

Dating guy who is 12 yrs my junior. I'll be 38 in Dec. & he's 26. No kids 4 him, but I have a 15 yo daughter. Going well so far! Still new, only 6 weeks in.

my husband and I are 18 years apart, we''ve been together six years and we run a business together. It''s the best thing ever. This is both of ours second marriage. 5 kids. No kids together

I'm 14 years younger than my husband. He has 2 sons. One 8 years younger than me and one 10 years younger. It was weird at first but now we're happy.

He was 20 years older, first I dated him and his wife, then 5 years later after they got divorced, both times were awful but I still look for older men, the age wasn''t the issue the person was. Last time I was 24 and he was 44

My husband is 19 years older then me. Been together almost 12 years and we're perfect for each other. Love him more and more every day.

My husband is 10 yrs older than me. We have been married 20yrs in April. Worked well for us!

there are 22 years between my boyfriend and I. We have been together for 2 years and he''s currently divorcing his wife of 31 years. Best relationshipI''ve ever been. He''s secure, successful and amazing in bed. He''s 56 and I''m 34

My wife is seven years older than me. When we met she was married with two kids. After 10 years we were married this August.

my dads wife is my age. I m 34 and my dad is 74. She is from the Philippines so that s a bit more typical but still!

My husband and I are 12 years apart. Everyone says we are two peas in a pod. So glad we found each other. 10 years together and still each other''s best friend

Me and hub are 13 yrs apart. I''m super mature and he''s immature, so we balance out- jk! He gives me insight I wouldn''t think about and he says I keephim young. Been married 11 yrs and he''s the absolute love of my life. He better not die before me! Haha!

my mom and dad were 12 years difference. After my dad passed my mom met my step dad. They''re 20 years. You''d never know he''s 87! They''ve been married 14 years

My husband and I are 20 years apart. Best marriage I ever had....he such an amazing guy and incredible to my daughters. It''s nice because he has three daughters that are older and he has great advise to my girls (14,11). Been married 3.5 years. We also own a business and work together :)

My best friend is 23 and her husband is 32 but she''s always been an old soul. When they first started dating, he was able to help her out of a bad family situation and it''s because he was financially stable and mature enough to understand. It''s working out perfectly and I''ve never seen her so happy

my neighbors have a 45 year age gap, he was her high school teacher, caused a big local scandal, then now have 3 kids together, he looks like skeletor and we call her the child bride.

Hubby is 10 yes older. Been blissfully in love 12 years!

There is a 16 year difference between my fianc and I. We just got engaged last weekend! I''m 30 and he''s 46. He is mature and patient and I appreciate that so much. We are on the same page about everything and I''m very much in love with him!

My mom married my stepdad 15 years ago and he is 11 years older than her. Still married and have a great relationship

my wife is 9 years younger then I am, its the best relationship I've ever had

husband and I are 13 years apart. We forget about the age difference until someone points it out. (Legal) Age shouldn''t matter as much as maturity level and personalities. If you love the person enough, the age difference won''t effect your relationship.

long time listener. Franky has meet us both. We are 27 years apart working on our 9th year together. Very happy. Very compatible. Never judge someone else''s life !

My little brother has been married to his wife for 7 years. She's 11 years older it's kinda crazy

grandparents were 13 years apart. She was 18. Only time they were apart is 13 years my grandma was a widow. 55+ years married

26 yr age gap again. Im 34, hes 60. Together 8 yrs. We've been through hell & found a love/trust in each other we didnt know existed. Hes my person.

Been dating my boyfriend for 3 years. He is 50 and I am 37. I never would have thought it would work, but it does. It is so nice dating a mature guy. No games.

My parents are 20 years apart. My mom met my dad when she was 15 and started to live with him at 16.

my half brother is only 3 years younger then my mother.

my husband and I are exactly 30 years apart I am 42 he is 72

my parents 9 years apart Would've been 68 years of marriage last weekend he passed away 4 years ago

my parents are 8 years apart. They''ve been married 32 years this past July. Covid has been a window into what retirement would looks like and I worry it will be a strain on their relationship.

hubby and I are 7 1/2 years apart, met 5 years ago. We've had some problems but not because of age. We are doing great, everyday just gets better.

26 year age gap. Biggest issue, music. I love 90s boy bands, him 70s rock. Ive been to some cool concerts now. 6 kids total, we share a 4 yr old.

I am 9 years younger (i am 33). We had been dating since 2014 and just got married this August. I am am older soul and things are going great. Withyoung guys i felt like i was babysitting.

I'm 42, my girlfriend is 25

my friend is 64 and her husband is 85 and he is Alzheimer''s. She is still working and full time caregiver. She is so depressed and beat up, she wouldn''t recommend it for the long run.

I am 58 my husband is 70 we've been together 18 years now and raised two of my grandchildren now the youngest grandchild is 15 still going strong

my wife is 16 years younger than me. She is 37 and I'll be 53 in November. We just had a baby and built a brand new house. Will be 16 years in December

boyfriend and I are 11 years apart. I''m 20 he''s 31. He''s known me since I was 16 and I asked him out at 19! Talking about marriage and babies. As happy as ever

my fianc and I are 20 years apart exactly. He has a daughter about 10 years younger than me and 2 grandkids and I have. 2 kids as well under 13

hubs and I are 11 years apart, I'm younger (34) been together 12 years. Best relationship ever

my husband is 8 and a half years older than me and it works for us! We met on tinder. We''re both lazy daters

I'm 51 dating a guy that's 42! Best relationship ever!! He's more mature than any guy I've dated my age or older. Amazing man.

my sister is 29 a divorced mom of two and was dating a guy who is 60(he''s older than our dad). She was head over hills in love and he had met her kids, don''t get me started on that, and then he told her over text that he didn''t want to start over with young kids and ended the relationship. Which unfortunately just gives her more of a reason to dislike her kids. It''s a whole thing I could write a book on it.

this really helps cause I want to ask this girl out. I'm 32 she's 23 I was scared about the age gap. But with all these texts I'm going in. Wish me luck

Boyfriend and I are 15 years apart. Been together almost 2 years. Best man ever. He loves my daughter like his own with zero hesitation. I sometimes wonder how I am the one that won him over. He was a serial dater for 6 years. We went on one date and have not been apart since.

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