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TEXT TOPIC: What is your passive aggressive text?

I hate you for choosing drugs over your wife and kids. You stole the happily ever after that I deserved. I loved you more than life and you threw it away.

PAT: Stupid neighbor, stop parking your POS cars in front of my house, I don''t even have a place to bring my trash cans out because you are parked in the way...and you have a perfectly empty driveway.

dear manager, you can''t expect a person to do 2 8 hour jobs in 12 hours. One of your team has already put in her notice and the rest of us are on our way out

hey my youngest brother; (you know who you are), stop going number 2 in the toilet, and not flushing it!!!!

stop saying you drive better drunk or high! You don't!

I understand that we have to stay close so our oldest can see her dad but I am not moving back to magna!

Thank u mortgage company for messing up on our loan leaving our family homeless, and only offering $1000 compensation

go ahead and talk crap on me any chance you get - mother in law. Everyone knows you're bat crap crazy, even going as far as to breast feed my baby. Gross

as a CNA I''m really sick of residents treating us like crap when we''re just there to try and help them. Seriously we''re not getting paid to be your slaves we''re getting paid to help you get better.

this isn''t passive this is straight aggressive. Justin and I know you''re listening, if I ever catch near my family again I''m going to break your other leg. Keep my soon to be ex wife stay away from my kids.

Dear coworker, stop sitting at my desk when I'm gone. I come back to crumbs, candy, my stuff moved, and your crap left everywhere. It's freaking rude.

Just because you have your lips surgically attached to every one of the major players in the company and a beloved college degree does not mean you know what you''re doing! I can do your job and mine so keep your BS comments to yourself... TOOL!

maybe instead of blaming me for our kids not having a relationship you should apologize for what you did that effected our entire family

don't care if you go hunting for the weekend but when you get home and go take a nap while I've been home watching our 2yr old. Not cool

People who say covid is not killing people and its not that bad. Well it is BAD. I lost my dad to covid in May and i know several people who have died from covid. ITS REAL!!

I''m sorry that you have to work and that to keep your kids safethey are at home. You have to figure it out. SCHOOL HAS NEVER BEENA DAYCARE!

you came to me and said you stopped taking your meds, and to tell you if you needed to start taking them again. Well, I told you to start taking them again because of your temper tantrums. You''re 37yrs old. You called me a bitch. You. Suck.

Hey wannabe soccer mom. If your kid is literally gonna have a meltdown every morning before school get out of the drop off lane and park and walk your kid across rather than plug up the whole drop off process with your bs

being married doesn't make me your property. At this point I'd be okay if you had a girlfriend or found yourself in an ENTANGLEMENT

Hey Range Rover drivers. You're all awful! You don't own the road! Oh yeah, slow the freak down on my residential road and put your damn phone down!

to the person at work who called me lazy. You're just mad that I am already training the new employees. Get over it!

If there are 2 ATMs, PULL FORWARD. Ugh! I take literally 2 minutes at the ATM. This mo fo took like 7 and I glared at him the entire time.

if you put in half the effort you put into your kids our marriage would be awesome.

to my ex I was wishing you happy birthday cause we where together for 6 years, but now everyone knows how childish you are when you made fun of me for doing that.

dear boss, being a CNA is hard enough, mentally physical and emotionally. we don't need you to beat us down and not appreciate us too.

dear mother in law, I know my fianc is your only child, but him getting pulled over for a broken headlight doesn''t mean he was drinking and driving. Please understand that I''m helping with his alcohol problem and trust in me taking care of him

Hey 13 year son - get your school grades under control so I don't have to intervene. If you don't like me saying anything, please take care of it yourself.

Maybe you should hire someone. I''ve developed Arthritis in my hands from working so hard to meet your impossible expectations. It''s gonna suck when I can''t work.

Babe! Get the friggin boxes out of the garage if you ever want to get freaky again! Love u

I know you''re newly single but being gone constantly at work WHILE BEING PAID is wrong. Your boss paid you the whole time during forced closure stop being a D!!!!!!!!

Lindsey, I know all the crappy things you say to my child. She is 10. How about you try that with me. Congrats on being such a tough bully.

I wish you were a better person for our son. You don''t just get to come in and out of his life when you would like. He deserves a better role model. If you don''t stop doing drugs maybe you shouldn''t be in his life. I want what''s best for my son and maybe you just aren''t it.

Fine. If both of u ghost me for months and don''t show up for a meeting, I''ll leave u out of it and do it all myself. That''s probably what you wanted.But the kkds will suffer cause of u

Listen Snowflake. You come at my husband again and accuse him of false things in front of his family and play the victim card...I''ll give you a victim card to play.

I made a promise to heal, not harm. But when you come into the office and ask for disability paperwork to be signed. Just so you can ride out the extra unemployment money, I want to tear your eyes out so you won''t need Paperwork.. Quit taking advantage of a global pandemic jack ass

When DCFS justifiably took away all 4 of your kids I wasn''t just the 1st to step up and request to take your kids in, I was the only one whodid. Even though I never got financial help from you or the state I still took care of them for several months along side my own 4 kids. You were always late to come see your kids, you never asked how they were doing, you never even bothered to drop off some diapers, and you never answered the phone when I reached out so I enforced the rules that DCFS asked me to put in place and since it gave you less freedom you turned into a Dbag. After several months of dealing with you and your wife being rude we decided to remove ourselves from being the care takers and requested that a 3rd party take care of them hoping that would make you calm down but instead you somehow made it so my 4 kid''s and I can''t go visit with their cousins. Even though karma has caught up with you and you''re now homeless I would still let you come stay with me

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