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TEXT TOPIC: What is your dirty little secret?

i have been thinking about cheating on my gf nonstop this week. Dont know why either ive never cheated.

I have a friend who just told me that she does not love the man she is going to marry in a couple months, she just doesn't think anyone else will want her.

I wrote all my Thank you notes after my wedding but because I have OCD about my handwriting I didn''t think they looked good enough, so I never sent them out.

I always imagine driving off the cliff head-on whenever I'm driving on a ledge

I despise my job. I put on a smile every day and pretend to love it but I can't wait to leave that hell hole

my dirty little secret is more silly, whenever I walk into a room or building I figure out how I would get out or away from people in the event of a zombie breakout and what I could use as weapons to make it back to my kids

Wish my ex would be seriously injured when he deploys for the next year. It would be easier to explain why he''s not alive to our daughter than why he just doesn''t come around

When I was a kid I used to poop in a tire in the garden because I was scared of getting locked in bathroom.

I have been drinking coffee maybe 4-5 days a week for the last 3 months. my family doesn''t believe in coffee, and I''m afraid to of them finding out . But I was deeply depressed and the caffeine makes me happy so I keep drinking it

Talk about weird thoughts (dirty little secret) I always think about slapping people in the head when I walk by them.

dirty little secret is that I pick my nose and wipe it under furniture.

used to do anything to avoid people and crowds. I would drive to Walmart and see all the cars in the parking lot and I would talk myself out of even having to go shopping. I wouldn''t leave my house if my neighbors were outside. I would wait until they went inside.

When driving my semi truck and people cut me off coming to a stop I''ll imagine slamming into the back of them of breaking really hard when they tailgate me knowing they would be lucky to walk away and just thinking u shouldn''t drive like a jack ass around vehicles that can demolish you so easily

Dirty secret. I imagine my boss on fire whenever he's annoying me. Makes me smirk

Single 36. Everyday I want to quit my job of 20 years. Sell my house and go be a beach bum with the profits of my house.

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