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TEXT TOPIC: What is the most expensive thing you've found?

used to frequent thrift stores, found a $2,000 massage chair For $20. Someone had tripped over the cord and disconnected one of the terminals. works perfect now

hiking in Alaska a few years back my friend and I found a musket on the trail. We picked it and no ever claimed it. We took it to a museum in Alaska to see it worth.... restored it could be worth around 65k so my friend and I split the cost of the restoration and ended up selling it for 82k we split the earnings. It was 1776 musket

bought an antique saxophone for $40 that I ended up selling for over $900.

Found a Rolex watch in the Brighton parking lot last summer. Don''t know what it was worth but getting it back to the guy was worth it! It was from his Army unit when he retired. He cried!

It was my uncle who found this item. A 3 stone Diamond ring at a yard sale for 20$, they thought it was costume jewelry he had it appraised 30 some years ago at 3500$, my mom now wears it.

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