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TEXT TOPIC: What are you struggling with right now?

struggling to get on track financially, I'll feel caught up but something else happens.

I am struggling with a $13/hr paycut, with no child support, single mom of 5, and my 3 year has a rare and terminal condition. My soul is tired.

I''m a teacher struggling with the way my district keeps changing things, and the way parents view us as the bad guys. I don''t think they understand we''re trying our best.

I am struggling to let go of control with my 18 year old BIG time. Can't stand the idea of watching her fail, even tho I know thats how u learn

I'm struggling with my blood pressure. It's too high, it's too low, it's too high.. doctors can't figure it out. Headaches. No energy. I'm scared

I''m struggling with.... My dad passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 70, this is going to be the most difficult week of my life. I don''t know how I''m going to do it.

I am a teacher teaching in person 5 days a week, but I also have online students and quarantined students. This means I essentially have to prepare things for 3 different classes a day. On top of that, I continually worry about the health of students and myself. Teachers are being asked to do more than ever. Then there are those who say it''s what we signed up for. It''s NOT what we signed up for, but I''m still happy to be teaching in person. Being with my students IS what I signed up for.

Struggling with depression and has only gotten worse since Covid.

keep trying to tell my wife I need more physical attention, mainly just kissing and good old fashion making out. She doesn''t care and doesn''t respond, so I''m struggling with decisions to stay and if so not have any infidelity

Due to the pandemic, I''m working from home and couldn''t handle all of the alone time. I''m 32 and now living at home (in southern Utah) with my parents for my mental health. Never thought I would be in this situation but thankful for family!

I''m pregnant and my brother and sister in law have recently moved in with us. I''m struggling because not only of the cultural differences but just the mess they leave behind and my husband not speaking up and setting rules we already have in place.

struggling with my job- its a stop gap job because my dream job got rescinded bc of COVID. Ready to reclaim my independence

struggling w/ relationship of 2 yrs. feel like I'm settling Bc I hate the idea of dating again!! Not sure if I love him or the idea of him.

Don't date often, new guy in my life & my 15 yo daughter acting out: sneaking out, ditching class & shoplifting. Absent dad, always been just the 2 of us.

Dating for almost 6 years and SO ready to be married and start a family

I''m struggling with trusting my Husband. He''s a closet Alcoholic and has had 2 DUI''s. He''s been sober for a year but I''m always worried and terrified of a relapse and that he could possibly hurt or kill someone.

I'm struggling with getting over an ex. I'm just really missing him right now.

my 7&9 yo are having a hard time emotionally because they can''tsee more friends or go to school because of the pandemic

struggling with 30 parents listening 100%of the time on online learning (4th grade)then getting their constant critique, upset about what book we''re reading & the learning videos we watch, too much work, not enough work... If we were in normal class they wouldn’t''t care.

I teach 4th grade. I had to get medication because I have had a panic attack every morning.

I'm struggling with my faith. I have lost my testimony and with it, a large part of who I am.

Not only am I a teacher, I''ve had two dogs (11 & 15 years old) and a beloved grandmother pass away in the past 4 months. I also have 3 small children of my own. I''m lost, exhausted and broken.

Staying patient and positive while trying to conceive. Our 1st child was not planned, now trying for a 2nd feels so frustrating

I'm struggling with loving myself

Struggling to get pregnant, worried about going to fertility specialists for financial reasons

Struggling with infertility. Just started our first round of infertility meds but just want to adopt and not have to go through all of the physicalthings to not end up getting pregnant.

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