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TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something GOOD! What is your good news?

Just celebrated my mom's 45th birthday

got a conditional offer for a dream job As a 911 dispatcher. It is a huge pay raise and great city benefits!

interview today. Hopefully I get the job so tomorrow can be my last day at a toxic and hostile job

something good is I got a Raiders football sweater for Christmas in 2018 that was too small and I tried it on yesterday and it fit cuz I'm 80 lbs down

I was promoted at my job at autozone, I'm now the store manager and I've been with the company for 4 years

My wife and I were married 6 months ago and just found out she is pregnant with twins. We are super excited and nervous!

finally saying goodbye to a toxic relationship

we just celebrated my mom''s 63 birthday! I''ll be 40 in January

my brother asked for my help to propose to his GF. I'm so excited for them!===can''t give away too much, but he''s involving the entire family. She''ll be so surprised. As far as any of us have been concerned, he doesn''t believe in marriage so it''s kinda a shock to all of us.

I asked for a raise three weeks ago and found out last week that I got it! This is for anyone sitting on the fence about asking for a raise. Life is short. Just do it!

Have been a huge fan of cycling since I was 8 yrs old. My son started getting into it on his own this year and he just finished his first 50 miler and invited me to go. He''s spending time doing something we both love now.

Something good! Submitted a request to officially resign from the Mormon church. Difficult and emotional, yet empowering and freeing.

move out if a toxic living situation to a better living situation, it's a bit far but I'm stoked to be happy again.

got my dream job!!

got tested for covid and it came back negative. So now i am able to get back to work!

Good news. I''m a mom of 3, work full time and I''m working on my MBA. This weekend I passed a big accounting test! Down to only 3 more classes and I''m done.

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