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TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a household injury story?

My brother and I have both hit our heads on the same coffee table 8 years apart and both have scars from it

my son fell off the bed and hit his face on an Open dresser drawer

I was about 6 years older, glass tables were the thing in the 90s,i was running and I tripped and hit right under my eye right at the corner. My parents rushed me to the hospital, but my dad immediately threw the table outside and broke it so mad

as young teenagers my brother was trying to fart on my face while o was on the couch, I got my legs under him and launched him like an airplane and he landed and shattered our glass coffee table. Minor cuts and bruises, luckily but he never tried to fart on me again

Fell out of the garage door and broke both wrists

When I was 5 I stood on the edge of the bathtub my sister pushed to my feet yeah went down and end up with 6 stitches in my chin

I am a super klutz! I break my toes on corners all the time! But a couple weeks ago at my moms house I kicked the foot of her footstool and busted and I mean busted my three middle toes on my right foot they still hurt and throb and are bruised! major pain!

my son LOVES pickles so we always have the Costco size jars. I got it out one day and went to set it on the counter but I''m short and the bottom of the jar clipped the edge of the counter. The whole jar shattered and a gallon of pickles+juice+glass sliced my leg. 21 stitches later and I have the ugliest scar!

carrying some stuff slipped down my stairs and dislocated my ankle. Had to crawl up the stairs to get my phone only to find out it had fallen the opposite way and to climb down two flights to call 911

Years ago, had a glass coffee table, playing with the dog (a boxer) he rolled on his back, legs kicked up, lifted entire glass up and it crashed down! Dog was fine, I was brushing glass off with the palm of my hand, Whoops! Cut it good!

Recently slipped and fell down the stairs breaking my shoulder blade an hour before my sons bday party. Hubby deployed two days later.

well it wasn''t recent but i was 5 I slipped and fell and hit the front porch step. Put my 2 foot top teeth through my bottom lip. Had a total of 13stitches and have a permanent fat lip

My good friend set a mug on her glass coffee table and it immediately shattered sending a piece of glass through her pinky finger giving her 18 stitches!! All 18 stitches were in her pinky finger. Her finger has never been able to bend again.

box cutter while breaking down boxes. 13 stitches

when I first moved in with my now husband, he had glass coffee table and glass end table. My dog ran into it so many times, cut his face. After like two months we got rid of them

got mad @ my family for not helping me stormed upstairs forgot about the baby gate knocked the whole thing over and landed on it messed up my knee

But my grandparents had a granite table and my siblings spun me on one of those egg shell chairs fast and flung me out of the chair and my head broke the table. 38 yrs later I still have the scar above my right eyelid to remind me.

Son was 2, fell off the couch head first into the glass table & split his head open. Tons of blood but a clean split so Dr glued it.

Old roommate was watching a jazz game, learned on the glass table. Arm went through it, cut it open ended up with 26 stitches

my brother and I were dancing in the living room and he spun me into the glass coffee table. It sliced my ear in half

xmas morning, ran upstairs, slipped and my pinkie toe went into the air vent and sliced it.. 12 stitches later and an ugly toe.. merry Xmas to me

my brother slipped down the stairs when he was about 7 and rebroke his collar bone that had healed from when he broke it 4 weeks previous

I was 6. Running out the front door, tripped over a wire hanger. Face landed on the sidewalk and busted my front tooth

my neighbors 2 year old fell out of the 2nd story window of their new house last week. She cracked her skull but she is going to be fine. It's a miracle.

I was about 8 years old, I used to jump down my basement stairs and always had no issue, one time I jumped and I guess I got too tall and hit my head on the ceiling, fell back on the stairs bruised my tailbone and was knocked out cold, 3 staples on the head. Never jumped again

Loved in a basement apartment invited someone in and walking in front of them,took the stairs too fast. Fell down cement stairs teeth went throughlip and had to get stitches.

Running up the stairs, caught my pinky finger on the bannister. When I looked down, my pinky was sideways. Dislocated and broken

was going to move the large blender to make cookies for the kids blender slipped out of my hand and fell on my foot broke my foot and my big toe ended up having to be amputated because it got infected

within an hour of being home from the hospital after a c section. I was still under the effects of pain killers. I went down the stairs too fast and my foot slipped out from under me. I landed on my back on the floor four steps below. Wasn''t good for my incision

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