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TEXT TOPIC: What's something you recently learned out about your spouse?

My husband would always come home and tell me about the office drama... well I have learned he''s the office gossip! He will be on the phone with one person egging them on then hang up and call someone else and pass it! He’s the ultimate people pleaser and I was shocked!

I Recently learned that my significant other is not a very nice person. We started dating a year ago and Ive always noticed a negative attitude about him. About a week or so ago he told a 16 year old to F off and I learned his 7year old daughter is scared of him. We re no longer together.

he''s a freaking boss at billiards! We actually went to play last night for the first time together, we have been married for over a year but due to Covid haven''t been able to get out of course. The man can play pool like nobody''s business. So sexy!

I found out my hubby had NO IDEA about Marky Mark and the funky bunch. He thought he was just a great actor. 12 YEARS I'VE KNOWN THIS MAN. The dishonor

been with my significant other for 4 years and we always hype up Halloween and go all out for our kids. Learned a couple days ago that he HATES HALLOWEEN! Hates it!

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