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TEXT TOPIC: What didn't you see coming?

didn't expect my husbands father to get diagnosed with Leukemia and die 6 months later. #eff2020

didn''t see my divorce coming, my ex went to work out of state & started cheating blamed me for everything 6 months of hell before I finally ended it. Heartbreaking for my family

my dad passed away unexpectedly in April.

covid didn''t effect me financially but it effected my landlord so I just found out I''m being evicted. I have giant dogs and housing is so expensive here I have to find a new job and probably have to move out of state. STRESSED!

It seemed like I got hit by a truck because I my husband came to me told me he wants a divorce. Moved to California hooked up with his ex and is now having a baby with his now gf. This happened this year.

This probably sounds cliche, but me and my bf broke up about 6ish months ago. We have always been off and on, however this last time we got back together I thought for sure we were in it for the long haul. Not even 2 weeks after we broke up he was seeing someone else and they''ve been in a relationship ever since.

a high end person in utah, their teen hit my car. They offered to pay for it, claimed they sent the money to my account, and now ghosted me for 3 months. Didn''t see it coming with the rep of this person being based on honesty and integrity.--I'm filing a small claims against that high end person next week. They put me in the hole of $4800

Blindsided by my new job responsibilities. Everyone thought the last person was just a whiner. (True, but it really is more work than 1 person should do)

2 yrs my mom was diagnosed w/ gallbladder cancer & 6 weeks later she passed. Didn't see it coming. 2 yrs later, still coping with that loss.

I didn''t expect the man that started to show me true love after my divorce to die 8 months into dating. Seen him on Saturday, he was gone on Monday. Heartbreaking

Estranged dad committed suicide 2 wks ago. Blindsided, traumatic, just horrible.

didn't see my mom's disease progressing this fast. In and out of hospital no help from family, super stressed out

didn't see that my father would molest 3 little girls and 2 of them are my daughters this was 3-4yrs ago he's in prison now

I didn't see me and my wife coming out of quartine stronger together than when we went in we are both such strong personality I thought it would be the end

Ancestry treat: showed my sister has a different dad AND discovered I have a half brother BIG surprise at 45 yrs old

worked for my sister and brother in law''s company for 12 years. They let me go back in May with no warning. They had to let go of 10 people who werehigher up in the company in order to keep paying the rest of the employees and the bills. I haven''t spoke to them since. A simple heads up would of gonealong why instead of being blindsided

my mom fell at work and needed surgery on one wrist for sure. Came out of surgery with cast and surgery with both arms.

I never thought I''d have to call my elementary students superintendent because the principal bullied me. Now the principal isn''t really allowed to contact me.

A freaking Antelope! Came out of no where! Totaled my car in Laramie on my way to a dog show, had 2 Danes with me, it was chaos getting home. On top of being evicted (I text earlier) and some family issues you never see coming, I''m gonna have a stroke I swear

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